This game is one of the best mobile games we have reviewed so far. Action MMO RPG heavily inspired by DMC.

Abyss Walker review:

Hello Twisty fans. We’re back in action, and this time a really cool action game. Today we have Abyss Walker with us for review. This game is really cool. The game has been giving me videos of Devil May Cry for a while now. I want to know why, because Abyss Walker shows Mobile Devil May Cry Rip off. When I played this game I got DMC vibes from this game. The reason for the hack and slash style fights.

Like any game, you start with a tedious but informative tutorial. The game has interesting features like character selection, character customization, upgrade system, swords and gun based attacks like in DMC. Let’s move on to our Abyss Walker review.

Abyss Walker Game:

The story of Abyss Walker is set in the cyberpunk era where your main character is given two weapons: a sword and a pistol. When the tutorial is complete, walk as instructed or teleport to the previous location. This feature helps you navigate the map and saves you time thinking about where to go.

The combat parts are very similar to DMC. That’s why we say his game is a Devil May Cry cheat. You have swords and guns to fight with, special sword and gun techniques. When you fight your enemies, you will notice that the attacks are very similar. Cutting techniques and weapon throwing techniques will remind you of DMC.

Customization of Abyss Walker characters:

Character customization is very minimal in the beginning. It is said that you can choose the gender of your character, some facial features like eye color, face shape, hair, styles, hair color and not.

Much more. But as you progress through the game, you’ll unlock jackets for your male character and dresses for your female character. This allows you to further customize your character.

You can also unlock items while playing and using these items. You can get power-ups and special abilities to help you in your battles. You can unlock mechanized wings and even pets to mount and ride. The unlock feature is really cool because you unlock different mythical creatures like dragons and others.

Abyss Walker game scenario:

Primarily, Abyss Walker is an online multiplayer MMO RPG that borrows some elements from DMC such as combat and cycling. Frankly, it is not a DMC clone; However, it can be said that DMC inspired him a lot. The game starts with the main character riding his bike in the forest where he meets adventurers like you.

This is where you get your first mission, and this is where the story begins. As the story progresses, you have the option to go on missions with other players and even NPCs. As you progress through the game, you will gain access to more skills and abilities. You can unlock Devil Mode, which is an upgrade mode similar to DMC. Also fight harder and stronger bosses.

The game has some in-app purchases, but the game doesn’t force you to. Only with a selection you can view in-app purchases. There are different currencies in the game to buy skills and items, and to increase these currencies you have to participate in these microtransactions.

Pros and Cons of Abyss Walker:

I don’t think the game is a DMC clone, but it took a lot of elements out of a great game. If you don’t have a smartphone with very high resolutions and memory, the game on your phone will be very lacking. This is something to think about, but otherwise this is a fantastic game. Another problem with the game is that it has so many features that your smartphone’s small screen is cluttered with function icons and notifications, which hinders gameplay.

Final conclusion:

This game is one of the best mobile games we have reviewed so far. Action MMO RPG heavily inspired by DMC. The battles and missions are fun and the game mechanics are very smooth. The skills are amazing and you unlock so many skills in such a short time.

The leveling system is also fast. The longer you fight, the more you grow. This makes for a pretty interesting lever system for creating longer and more complex combos. All in all, if you have a nice smartphone, this is an exciting game. You can download Abyss Walker from the Play Store.

Developed by 9Splay Developer, the game has received more than 10,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.0. The game is available for free on Android and iOS, but offers in-app purchases. You can download it from this link.