Best Android apps in 2022: for every Android users

Best Android apps in 2022 for every Android users

The best Android apps add tons of tools to your phone. Social media, productivity, health and fitness, the Play Store has an app that’s right for you. With countless apps at your disposal, the sky is the limit.


• Android productivity app
• Android travel and weather app
• Android app for health and fitness
• Android entertainment app
• Android music applications
• Android app for photos and illustrations
• Android social media app

With so many apps to order, finding the right one for your Android phone can be a challenge. This is where we come in. We looked on Google Play to find the most popular Android apps in different categories.

Whether you want to fill one of the best Android phones with apps or just try something new like a productivity app, fitness tracker, or web browser, check out the best Android apps you may have missed. (And if you’re looking for the best arcade-style first-person shooters, puzzles, and flashbacks, check out the best Android games.)

The best productivity apps for Android

Check out these apps if you want to turn your Android phone into another device to get things done. (For more picks, check out our picks of the best productivity apps for mobile devices.)

Niagara Launcher (Free)

With Niagara Launcher (opens in a new tab), you get a lightweight Android launcher that offers the customization Android users demand. We chose this as the best Android app at Tom’s Guide Awards 2021 because it offers a clean and minimal interface that puts your app in the foreground in alphabetical order.

We also like the way Niagara puts notifications centrally so you can read and act on them from the home screen. Distractions are minimal with Niagara, which also keeps ads out of the free version of the app. If you like a sleek look on your Android phone, get it now for your device.

Password ($3.99/month)

The best strategy for protecting your information and identity is to use strong and strong passwords. And there is no better tool than 1Password (opens in a new tab) to keep those good and strong passwords. The app can store a lot of information, app and website logins, credit cards, bank account information, passports, licenses and more, which you can secure with one master password. End-to-end encryption and encryption keys that never leave your Android device keep everything safe. Try the service for free for 30 days; After that, a $3.99 monthly subscription helps you stay on top of all the passwords you use on a daily basis.