Best Screen Recording Tools For 2022

Best Screen Recording Tools For 2022

Game recording software and screen recorders allow users to take snapshots or record videos on their desktop computer. These programs save a desktop screenshot as an image file or record desktop computer actions over time. Although consoles are on the rise, many gamers still rely on computers for their gaming needs. You can try all kinds of games, from multiplayer to FPS and strategy games. And the fun doubles when you share your game with your friends and other players around the world. While streaming is one way to do this, it often takes a toll on the internet and largely depends on your bandwidth.

best screen recording tools for 2022

Screen recorder for iFun:

iFun Screen Recorder tops the list of best screen recorders for gameplay recording and many other video recordings such as tutorials and tutorials. It is a free screen recorder for Windows designed by IFun that allows you to record all exercises from your computer screen. Preserve audio from your computer’s microphone and speaker for inclusion in recorded video. It offers the user flexibility such as full screen capture, advanced video capture of a selected area or specific window, audio recording via speaker and microphone, etc. On the other hand, you can easily add mouse click effects by displaying the cursor and including animations in the click action. You can also easily take screenshots while recording. However, the recording time cannot be set and the watermark is not included in the videos. You can easily record videos with no time limit.
Speaking of savings, you can choose from a wide range of video formats such as FLV, MP4, GIF, AV, MKV, TS, and MOV.


  • Unlimited HD recording, no time limit
  • You have the option to record the screen with audio
  • You can change the recording while recording, yes there is an internal video monitor under
  • the light
  • You can also use the webcam option
  • Recorded videos do not have a watermark
  • Free use, at no additional cost
  • You can take a screenshot during registration
  • You can also edit the video after recording

OBS study:

OBS Studio is an application designed for live broadcasting and sports recording. The open source solution allows users to access multiple sources and immerse themselves in the broadcast. Users can start recorded audio and add video to add a clip from any game. This app is designed to allow users to work across multiple platforms and connect them to create seamless broadcasts. Since many of the video streaming software options on the market are expensive, the free software lacks some essential features. On the other hand, some functions are hidden under a long menu. If you want to start using the software without a manual, it will take some time to learn how. Features

Transition views help you switch between sources. With OBS Studio you can manage multiple transitions and create the final result. With OBS Studio you can work with multiple scenes and easily switch between scenes. You can choose the tasks you want to complete, such as starting a series. In studio mode, both sources and scenes are organized before the live broadcast.


Bandicam is a great free game recording software. This excellent game recorder allows you to record at high speeds and frames. Users can record games at flexible frame rates with high quality resolution and 4K Ultra HD resolution. get the smallest file size. i Images can be resized for games or other PC activities and the window resizing can be reduced.

There are two versions of this screen recorder, free and paid. Videos recorded in the free version have a watermark. This software is a little expensive but it is great video game software.


  • Ability to change the size of the warehouse
  • Includes compression function
  • Two shooting modes
  • Support for multiple codecs and formats

ACTION Game recorder:

Activities! Game recording software is one you can now use if you have a powerful computer. The software uses the GPU to speed up recording and reduce the load on the processor. You can add up to high resolution 4K, high frame rate, and even live commentary.