Best Tips to Improve Your Wi-Fi Range and Performance

Best Tips to Improve Your Wi-Fi Range and Performance

Imagine what it would feel like if you no longer had access to the internet. Sounds scary, right? If you agree, you can get frustrated every time your Wi-Fi signal drops. After all, Wi-Fi, which provides connection to the Internet, has become just as important as electricity and water. However, the reality is that it can be very unpredictable. So it can work well one day, but not the desired performance the next. This inconsistency would drive anyone crazy.

Tips to improve Wi-Fi range and performance:

It doesn’t matter if you subscribe to Internet Spectrum or another ISP, as long as your Wi-Fi network is not working properly, you will never get the desired speed that the network promised to provide. That’s why you need to make sure that the Wi-Fi is working properly. Are you scratching your head and wondering how to do that? Do not worry! Here are five ways to improve your Wi-Fi range and performance.

Run a speed test:

There can be many reasons for a slow Wi-Fi connection. So start with the basics and run a speed test. This allows you to see what speed your router is receiving before converting it into a wireless signal. In doing so, if you notice that your router is only getting at least 5 MPs, it means that your ISP is to blame and you should contact them to find out what the problem is. In general, 20 MPs is common, but the exact speed depends on your internet contract and the ISP you subscribe to.

Make sure you are connected to the 5 GHz band:

If you have a dual or triple band Wi-Fi router, you should always choose the 5 GHz frequency instead of the 2.4 GHz band. Rode? The 2.4GHz frequency will never give you a fast connection, and it is better to use multiple smart home devices, such as smart speakers and video doorbells. However, if you want to use the internet on a smartphone, desktop or laptop, always make sure that you are connected to the 5 GHz band. You can check the Wi-Fi settings of your various devices to see which bands it uses. If your router does not support 5GHz, consider upgrading.

Move your router to another location:

If your router passed the speed test, but your Wi-Fi network is still slow, it may not be positioned correctly. Keep in mind that Wi-Fi signals do not easily pass through solid materials. Some other things, such as aquariums and refrigerators, can also block signals, such as a brick wall. Place the router in a central location. This allows signals to reach most of your home. But what if you need Wi-Fi signals in a part of the house and you can’t get fixed signals? Well, in that case you can do two things; You can get closer to where the internet is active or invest in a WiFi repeater or mesh router.

Update your WIFI router’s firmware:

One of the reasons your Wi-Fi network isn’t working at full capacity is that your router’s firmware may be outdated. So you need to check if the firmware is updated or not. Keep in mind that some routers can update their firmware automatically, so use your router’s mobile app if it has one, or just log into the control panel and see if the necessary things are done. It is therefore recommended to consult the user manual for the correct firmware update.

Protect your WIFI network from Freeloader:

Nothing is more annoying than freeloaders using your WIFI and eating your bandwidth. If you have multiple devices connected to the same internet connection, it will apparently cripple the speed. It can also cause content to be buffered – it happened on my Spectrum TV. And in some cases you can’t use the internet at all! It’s not that annoying! If this is the case for you, you should immediately open your router settings and create a strong password for your Wi-Fi connection so that no one but you can connect to your internet connection.


It must be very painful if your wife connection drops, leaving you unable to access the internet. It’s even more annoying when this problem occurs when you’re doing something very important. But if you are ever stuck in such a situation, then consider using the above-mentioned remedies that can help you get rid of the problem as soon as possible.