Free Fire or Pub g:

Looking back today, 2017 was an important year for mobile gamers as on March 23, the company Blowhole released their online multiplayer battle royal game, The Player Unknown Battle Ground (Pub g). When the game was available on the Plays tore, it has been downloaded 734 million times since then. But Pub g had a strong competitor in the same year. Company Sea Limited has released its own game known as Free Fire Battleground. This game has been downloaded 500 million times since it was available on the Plays tore.

But app downloads aren’t the only deciding factor. Then we evaluate which games are better based on some very important factors and finally we show you which of the two is the best app. So, without further adieu, let’s get into the equation and answer the question of Free Fire or Pub g.

Game development engine:

A game development engine is an integral part of any game. This makes the game visually appealing and interesting. The development engine is the primary form of interaction between the player and the application. This single fact can be the deciding factor between free fire or pub g.

This is a big deciding factor as Unreal Engine Pub g’s next-level graphics give a significant boost in graphics, but Free Fire isn’t too far behind as this game is built on the Unity Engine. But the thing to note is how well it is done. Both games have great graphics and graphics.

Games Support Platforms:

The platform on which your game is available is very important and has a direct impact on the number of users you can reach. If your game is only available on a certain platform, your audience is limited to that platform. This could be the deciding factor between Free Fire or Pub g.

Pub g has a very diverse range of platforms that support this. You can play Pub g on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Google Stadia and later also on Pub g Mobile for Android and iOS. This will help Pub g grow its player base much more than just mobile players. Free Fire, on the other hand, was only aimed at mobile gamers. This does not mean that the game is not available to other users of the platform. You can play it on any platform by connecting your smartphone to your console or even your TV.

A player’s perspective:

A player’s perspective can make or break your gaming reputation. It is one of the most important factors in deciding whether a game is fun to play or not. This factor is short when choosing free fire or pub g.

Free Fire only has a third-person perspective game, where Pub g is a first-person perspective and a third-person perspective on first-person availability servers. This is a great feature because Pub g has a more versatile point of view that allows the player to switch between different views to better suit their needs.

Game Character Customization:

Pub g and Free Fire both have well-designed and interesting characters and lots of celebrity-inspired characters. Pub g has Idris Elba and Free Fire has Bollywood’s Hirik Roshan. Both games have added recognizable celebrities to their games. Let’s see which game has the best character customization Free Fire or Pub g?

When it comes to comparison, both games offer a wide range of customization. Both games allow you to customize your character’s arsenal and many small details such as hair, facial features, clothing, and many other features.

Regular game updates:

Updates keep your game up to date by allowing you to respond to player requests and add new features to your game. Updates keep the user in suspense and waiting for more. The characters can very well choose Free Fire or Pub g.

Both Pub g and Free Fire have new updates coming and they are both updating their platforms with features, new characters and maps. The latest character update in Pub g is Andy and Andy’s Puppet show and the latest character update in Free Fire is Jay, who is modeled after a famous Bollywood superstar.

Final conclusion:

We have listed the most important features above so that we can make a final decision about Free Fire or Pub g. And Pub g is the best game because it has better technology and versatility. But that doesn’t make Free Fire a bad game. It’s also a great game. That’s why it has been downloaded 500 million times. Many players who play Pub g also like free fire.