How to Download Reddit Videos

How to Download Reddit Videos
How to Download Reddit Videos

Reddit is more than just a website. It’s a community forum, a source of funny videos and pictures, and a place to get advice, share adventures, or just vent your stress. If you use Reddit to enjoy video content on the subreddits you follow, you can download videos to watch offline.

Downloading videos from Reddit isn’t as easy as downloading videos from other sites, but it’s still possible (with the right tools). If you want to download Reddit videos to your PC or Mac, you have:

Is it legal to download videos from reddit?

Before you start downloading videos from Reddit, you need to make sure you have permissions. Reddit, like all online forums, follows copyright law. Similarly, downloading copyrighted material without the owner’s permission can cause problems.

Given the copyright of the video, this decision is up to you. If the video was created by the original author and that author owns the copyright and has permission to upload the video, it is allowed. The same rules apply to public videos that do not comply with copyright laws.

Similarly, smaller video creators are less likely to offend users who download (but don’t share) videos from Reddit. Of course, we recommend asking permission to download videos from Reddit. But if you just want to watch and share videos, a private tour is a good idea.

However, if you plan to post and share a Reddit video elsewhere, you may be violating Reddit’s Terms of Service. Your state’s laws may also restrict downloading videos from Reddit or other online sources, so make sure you have permission first.

How to find and copy Reddit video links

Before downloading a Reddit video, you need to copy the link to the video. Once a video is uploaded to Reddit, it is saved and played back using Reddit’s own video player, which allows streaming and viewing video content on Reddit’s website or Reddit’s mobile app becomes easy.

Once you have the link, you can download the video as a file and play it separately in an app like VLC. These steps must be completed before downloading the video using the following methods.

  • To copy the Reddit link to your PC or Mac, use the new Reddit interface to open the Reddit page and find the video in the Reddit section of your choice. With your video document open, select Share > Copy Link.
  • To copy the Reddit link to the Reddit app, open the app on your phone and find the video you want to save. Once you find it, share it and use the sharing options on your device to replicate that interaction.

A clipboard link is not a direct link to a video, but a link to a post containing a video. This link will allow you to download the video directly to your device using Reddit’s video download feature (discussed below).

How to download reddit videos online

If you want to use online services to download Reddit videos for offline play, there are many sites for this purpose, which are easily found by searching on Google (such as Reddit Video Downloader).

For example, RedditSave is an easy web tool and Google Chrome extension to download videos from Reddit using any web browser on any website.

  • To get started, open RedditSave, paste your Reddit video sharing URL into the appropriate field, and select Download.
  • The options on the next page depend on the source video. Select Download to download the video only in the available resolution, Download HD version to download the highest quality version, or SD version to choose a lower quality version resolution (480p or lower).

After downloading the video, you can play it in your favorite video player.

Enjoying Reddit content

If video streaming is not an option, downloading Reddit videos is a good way to solve this problem. You might want to check Reddit’s terms of service first, but that’s fine as long as you don’t share content without permission from the copyright owner (but always ask for permission).

If you have a good Reddit account, you can share content on Reddit from text messages and videos to animated GIFs. Posts can be hidden if the shadow is disabled on Reddit. If you’re just getting started, consider subscribing to Reddit to take advantage of the ad-free feature.