How to Hide a Comment on Facebook and What Happens If You Do

How to Hide a Comment on Facebook and What Happens If You Do
How to Hide a Comment on Facebook and What Happens If You Do

You will inevitably receive negative, spammy, self-promoting, or inappropriate comments about what you post on Facebook.

Even worse, especially if you manage a Facebook group or brand page, you don’t know how to push the person back, block them, or ignore their comments entirely.

Fortunately, Facebook allows you to hide comments that could hurt your reputation or business.

This guide shows you how to hide comments on Facebook and what happens when you do.

If you want to hide Facebook comments

If you receive an offensive or offensive comment on a Facebook post, the first thing you should do is delete the comment. Some may be answered, others may be ignored.

Hiding comments is easier than deleting them from your Facebook page or banning their creators altogether.

Some users want to promote products through their posts, spam them with unsafe links, or make comments with inappropriate content or language.

You can delete such comments, but if you don’t ban the user from the page, they will keep coming back. However, keeping track of all the comments can be difficult, especially if your page has a very active follower.

You can remove negative comments on your posts that hurt your Facebook page, but you don’t have to hide them all and lose trust and loyalty.

Deleting other users’ comments, leaving comments, or expressing opinions on your page may irritate or annoy other users and you have no control over it.

By hiding your comments, you reduce everyone’s losses and gains.

What happens when you hide Facebook comments?

Hiding comments on a Facebook post prevents users other than you and your friends from seeing the comment.

Unlike deleting a comment, once users know you’ve deleted it, they won’t know when the comment was hidden, avoiding potential consequences.

You can view or delete comments later, or report them, especially if they violate Facebook’s Community Standards.

Check to find the comment before hiding it. Users often leave negative comments out of frustration. By turning a bad experience into a good one, you can turn confused followers into loyal fans and customers.

Also, as a problem-solving professional, you can demonstrate that you are willing to address complaints, no matter how serious they may be to others. Many users want access to private messages to further discuss their problems, so you can use this opportunity to help them.

If you want to hide comments, grab them before showing or adding them.

How to Hide Comments on Facebook

Whether you’re on a computer or mobile device, you can hide Facebook comments in a few simple steps.


On a Windows PC or Mac, you have to open Facebook in your browser and hide comments on your posts.

  • Go to your Facebook post and select the three dots to the right of the comment you want to hide.
  • Select Hide Comments.


If you are using an Android smartphone or tablet, you can hide Facebook comments using the Facebook app.

Go to the Facebook post, tap and hold on the comment you want to hide, and then tap Hide Comment.


You can also hide Facebook comments on iPhone or iPad through the Facebook app.

Go to your Facebook post, tap the comment you want to hide, then select Hide.

In all three cases (desktop or mobile), you can block a commenting user or page. You can also report comments if they violate Facebook’s Community Standards.

Reduction of collateral damage

In addition to the conditions and methods we have mentioned, there are many other things to consider when hiding comments on Facebook.

Make sure you have a good reason for hiding a comment, respond when others ask, and always consider the most constructive option before taking action.

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