How to Search & Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets

How to Search & Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets
How to Search & Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets

The speed of speech on Twitter often leads to embarrassing comments and controversial celebrity comments. Tweets are easily deleted, but there is always a way to search and find deleted tweets.

In this article, we will look at the basic ways to find and save deleted personal records. From using an online timer to searching Google’s cache, there are many great ways to find deleted tweets.

By Google

When someone searches for someone’s deleted tweets, there’s a 9 out of 10 chance that person is famous. why not? We all love to see these great characters go wrong.

The good thing about finding deleted celebrity tweets is that you may not be the first. Most likely, someone has already copied the tweet and made a screenshot.

For example, there is an entire website dedicated to listing the deleted social media posts of top politicians, including some of their most controversial statements.

The best source for these archived tweets is Twitter itself. Many savvy users take screenshots of popular tweets and share them when they are deleted. Many celebrities are surprised by this.

Check your Google cache

We all know that browsers cache web pages for faster loading. But did you know that Google itself is doing something similar? If you look at Google search results, you may have noticed little arrows next to some of the text. Click this arrow to view the archived version of this site.

It helps you see deleted posts from popular Twitter accounts. If the tweet was recently deleted, it may still be in your cache. The only problem is that the account has to be popular enough for Google to store it.

  • To view a copy of someone’s archived posts, first use Twitter’s Google search function.
  • Your recent tweets will appear in search results. Click the small down arrow next to any entry and select Cached.
  • A saved copy of Google Tweets will be opened. The cache date and time are displayed at the top. The new cache may overwrite this data, so it’s best to take a screenshot.

On the wayback device

If your deleted tweets are too old to appear in Google’s cache and too unpopular for anyone to save, your best bet is to use the Wayback Machine. Also known as the Internet Time Machine, it is a website that stores public papers online for access to resources.

There are other services that can do the same thing, but the Wayback Machine is the most popular and reliable of these options.

The Internet Archive maintains permanent archived copies of all public web pages. You can go back in time and see old places. It includes several popular Twitter accounts.

  • To find archived and deleted tweets, visit the Wayback Machine.
  • Enter the profile link for the Twitter account whose history you want to view and click View History.
  • The opening calendar shows all dates saved to your Twitter account.
  • Hover your mouse over the date to see all available photos on that day and when they were taken.
  • Click on the image to open it. This is not just a screenshot. The entire web page loads in its original state. You can generally interact with the page and take screenshots of the tweets you want.

By searching the Twitter archive

So far, we have seen how to find other deleted tweets.

First, you don’t have to look too hard. Twitter itself keeps an archive of all tweets sent (even deleted tweets). Normally, no one can access this data, but anyone can search their Twitter stories.

  • To download the Twitter archive, open the Twitter page and click More.
  • Select Settings and Privacy from the menu.
  • This will open your account settings. On the right side, click Download Database.
  • You will be asked to confirm your identity through a code sent to your email ID. Once you’ve done this, you’ll see a Request Archive button.
  • It may take up to a day for Twitter to send you the archive. Extract and open the zip file and a normal Twitter window will open in your web browser. Also, there is only one search box where you can search past tweets by date.

Finding someone’s deleted tweets isn’t always easy

Twitter doesn’t make it easy to find deleted tweets. Twitter’s archive can help you access your own tweet history, but finding someone else’s deleted tweets is more difficult.

If a tweet is from a celebrity, it is possible that someone else on Twitter picked up and shared the tweet. Google is your best friend to find these cases.

For recent tweets, you should check the archived version of your Twitter account, because Google keeps old pages for several days. If a tweet has passed, check the backdoor.