Review of Ludo Stele:

Greetings readers. We’re back with another app review. Today, let’s look at an app that has become very popular during recent lockdowns. Today we look at Ludo Stars. This game is very popular with people who are stuck at home due to these locks. People tend to use their smartphones freely and Ludo Stars took advantage of this opportunity.

Ludo Stars has been downloaded more than 330 million times so far and has 50 million active users every day. Perhaps this number can be reduced after unlocking, but Ludo Stars undoubtedly does something different which makes it a more attractive game. This is what we are looking at today.

Reach and popularity:

As mentioned above, The Game is very popular with free people who just want to kill a lot of time, like kids who don’t go to school because of the block. But children don’t just play. People of all ages are active. This game uses the concept of making friends while playing. You can interact with people while you play.

Ludo Stars has an E rating on the Play Store, where E stands for everyone. This rating alone gives Ludo Stars a very wide playing field. People of all ages played the game, from minors to baby boomers. But what makes this game very addicting is the idea of ​​making friends while playing. We’ll talk about it soon, but let’s move on now.

Graphics and visual elements:

We all know how important an image is for any application, not just games, unless you’re solving a big problem. And that’s the special thing about Ludo Stars. Many people are looking for a place to relax. Ludo for Stars offers them a visually stunning experience with cartoonish yet fantastic graphics.

All graphics are the game card you play with Ludo for PC or it is very popular, simple and clean and looks like a real Ludo card. This is what makes it special. It is well thought out. The parts that don’t require a lot of emotion on your part are graphically very attractive and the parts you notice are very simple so you can focus on the game.

Make friends while you play:

Since we talked about Ludo stars and talked a lot about making friends while playing the concept, let’s talk about this concept. This is a very popular concept when building a platform-like application. When you play, the Make Friends principle is like the backbone of any platform application today, every social media platform uses the principle of making friends by playing.

This makes friends during the game, the principle spreads throughout the app depending on the user’s participation. They add features that allow you to interact with other players, real people, which makes you spend more time in the game, which means you see more ads and ludo star’s parent company, Games berry, makes more money through Google AdSense.

Ludo Stars user interface:

The Ludo Stars user interface is simple but effective. It has several options like where you can interact with other players. Some options open up when you increase your investment. There is also a coin function. Coins are like points that you can earn by winning games against the computer or other players. You can also donate coins to other players and help them when they run out of coins.

You can forge alliances and even start your own club or join other clubs, but this mission requires you to be level 5. Ludo stars will give you daily gifts and presents when you meet certain conditions, as they call achievements, to keep you on a leash in the game. When you reach level 5, you can participate in club leagues, regular leagues and Ludo tournaments.

There are many other features such as custom dice purchase and even a store section for in-app purchases.

Our experience:

Did you kill some time in this game? We know that while searching for this blog post we found several copies of this game. All of them are loaded multiple times. But the Ludo Stars algorithm is almost the most fluid because this game requires strategy and planning. There are no flashy and distracting animations like in other games. You can focus on the unhindered game.

With the principle of making friends while playing, the Ludo Stars app is addictive and engaging. You won’t feel like you have to spend more time on the game. Interaction with players is natural.