Mini Militia Review:

Twist yapps is back with another great game that you would love to play and I know this game will give you the fun of your life. Card battle games are ok. They kill time and are fun, but nothing you’d want to spend hours on or even add your twitch channel to the streaming list. But how about grabbing your stick fighters and equipping them with rocket guns and boots. The game gets a lot more interesting this way, and if you add the more advanced weapons, army and militia skins, and character customizations. Get the game we’re going to talk about today, “Mini Militia Doodle Army”.

This game uses the uncontrolled control of doodle stick fighting games and equip your hard to control characters with guns, shotguns, slingshots and even rocket boots to fly. Your goal in the game is to compete with six other players online and get the most kills in one match to win. The basic rules are simple enough, but it’s the controls and strategies people use that make minimal lease doodle army a great game. So, without further goodbye, let’s get to our minimal lease review.

Militia mini game:

As mentioned above, Mini Militia is a game based on the concept of stick fighting, which means that it is difficult to control your character. Mini Militia is a little different from other stick and scribble fighting games. Mini Militia has some controls on your screen. You have a set of joysticks. Using the controls, your character can move it in any direction and using the other joystick you can target your enemies. You also have some touch buttons for throwing grenades if you have them.

Your character can move freely in any direction because your character has rocket boots to fly. The character can fly for a limited time because the boosters have a flight limit. When the booster reaches its limit, your character will fall to the ground. However, the character does not die, but is flown until the effect gauge fills up again. You start the game with a cadet and a simple machine gun. As you level up, you level up and gain access to more interesting weapons and equipment.

To win the game, you need to get the maximum number of kills. If an opponent lowers your health bar to zero, your character will be torn apart, just like real pieces. In seconds, you will re-enter anywhere on the map. You will be revived with a full health bar ready for your next kill or to be someone’s next target. Each game lasts a few minutes and the winner is whoever kills the most of the six players in the end.

The card for each online game is randomly selected. This Battle Royale stick fight has many different terrains. Your next game can include tunnels, mountains, temples, forests, and more. But every landscape has its limits and every terrain is a platform. This means that if you go out of bounds on the map, it’s best to get back on the map before your booster runs out of fuel. Otherwise, you will fall under your character. You’ll be back on the map again, but no one will be rewarded for your kill.

Customization of the character of the Mini Militia:

As a doodle war or stick fight game, Mini Militia cannot offer many character customization options. Here is a list of things you can customize in Mini Militia. The categories are head, hair, body, accessories and outfits.

All of these editing classes have subclasses. The main body contains all the facial features, such as eyes, eyebrows, mouth, head shape and skin color. The hair section has your hairstyle, back hair, bangs, mustache, beard and yes, the hair color. The body part has outerwear, underwear, color tone and you can also choose between male or female body. The accessories section gives you the option to change headgear, goggles, gloves, safety vests and boots. The final set of outfits contains many ready-made outfits that you can unlock as you play and win more matches.

Character customization in Mini Militia is incredible. People have created characters like the John Wick cartoon and even the Chuck Norris cartoon.

Militia mini weapons:

You unlock new weapons and get cards to upgrade already acquired weapons. The weapons department has 6 classes: pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, shotguns, snipers and special equipment. The weapon section has pistols, revolvers, and even dual pistols.