Monetization Platforms for Publishers 2022

Monetization Platforms for Publishers 2022

The mobile phone industry has grown tremendously in the past two years. Where mobile apps already existed, the pandemic seemed to fan the flames to say the least. App monetization platforms wonder every day why the number of mobile users is increasing based on the products and mobile apps sold. Block has increased the need and demand for mobile applications and games. With people confined to their homes, technology and the digital space have been the only way for them to find entertainment, connect and enjoy services.

What is monetization with mobile apps?

Monetizing mobile apps is all about using certain strategies and tactics to enable business in a mobile app. Today, there are various strategies to monetize mobile apps and they are actively used all over the world. Among which:

  • Paid application
  • In-app ads
  • Buy in app

Orders Generating hybrid income:

However, in-app ads stand out as the best mobile app monetization strategy used by publishers to date. For things to work, app publishers only need to choose the most effective ad formats that generate the most revenue. The only trick is to choose non-intrusive ad formats with proper monetization placement. In addition, monetization scheduling is very easy, especially in the case of in-app ads. App developers just need to find the best monetization platform for mobile apps and integrate their SDK into the app.

Best Mobile App Monetization Platform 2022

Ad Mob:

Founded in 2012, Ad Mob enables efficient monetization of mobile apps through in-app ads. To date, Ad Mob fulfills 200 billion ad requests per month worldwide. The platform thrives on performance and provides smart analytics for app publishers to use. Ad Mob provides mediation by connecting mobile apps to the best publishers’ mobile ad networks.

The monetization platform allows publishers to adjust the number of ad impressions to easily manage revenue. Ad Mob successfully monetizes mobile apps available on the App Store and Google Play. The power of Google Analytics makes Ad Mob one of the best monetization platforms for mobile apps.

Iron source:

Iron Source is a cross-platform mobile app monetization platform. With one billion daily impressions, iron Source powers monetization for iOS, Android, Unity and more. The platform successfully unlocks access to premium gold ad inventory, which means higher e CPMs every time. Iron Source brokerage successfully targets the ad serving of only the world’s best ad networks.

Plus, impressive ad sizes and advanced reporting and analytics make iron Source stand out from the crowd. iron Source also provides a creative production tool for artistic performance and rapid commercialization.


AppLovin thrives as an advanced monetization solution for mobile app publishers. App Lovin, known for its excellent user experience, recently acquired Mo Pub. The platform opens up great revenue potential for mobile app publishers by offering flexible monetization solutions. AppLovin allows brokerage to maximize revenue per impression and maximize in-app revenue.

Notices Consuls:

ConsoliAds connects mobile apps to the best publishers’ mobile ad networks through automatic mediation. The platform effectively delivers all ad formats to maximize in-app revenue. To enable mobile app monetization, app publishers only need to integrate the lightweight ConsoliAds SDK.

To maximize in-app revenue, the platform offers CTR optimization and detailed analytics. ConsoliAds offers full management of live and test environments with a very user-friendly interface. This mobile app monetization platform conveniently supports the App Store, Google Play, Amazon, Galaxy Store and Huawei App Gallery. In addition, ConsoliAds active customer support helps app publishers with their expert knowledge around the clock to make money effortlessly.

Boost chart:

Chart boost offers a simple user interface and ensures ease of use. The platform connects mobile apps with high-quality demand sources to maximize ad revenue.