Phones vs consoles:

Hi everyone, we are back with a new post for you. I’m sorry we’ve been gone for so long. In today’s topic, we have something to think about. We all played in one way or another. I started playing in the local arcade, then bought a Gameboy Advance, then a computer and now my favorite gaming device is my smartphone.

In recent years I have seen that smartphones have improved more and more. A device that is gradually trying to become more common. Able to play hard-to-run games on PC. Smartphone technology is developing very rapidly and it seems that the smartphone industry wants to create a universal device.

A device that can do it all may seem impossible, but technology has proven time and time again that “if the buyer is willing to pay for it, the manufacturers are willing to work for it.” Yes, that’s how the industry works. Smartphones are heading in the right direction. They have already taken over the music devices and are about to replace personal computers. If that continues, smartphones could become a device that does, works and plays everything on the same device. But what does this mean for gaming consoles, especially handheld consoles?

Are smartphones taking over gaming consoles?

The short answer to this question is “we don’t know”. That’s why we’re writing this blog post. This is pure speculation. We believe the two sectors will merge, but smartphones will be the dominant device and consoles will introduce many small devices that integrate with smartphones and deliver a great gaming experience.

Why should they do this, you ask? Because it saves money and they have to create screens for your handhelds. The wheel is already in motion and you can watch Xbox’s “Razer Controller Kit” and “Backbone One” for proof. Xbox has launched its streaming service, Xbox Gaming Pass. The services allow you to play great paid online games and offer game developers some protection from piracy.

But do you have to buy an expensive computer or console for this? At all. You can download the app, sign up, pay and play with your smartphone, but you’ll need to purchase a smartphone controller accessory such as the Razer Kisha or Backbone One. Both cost around $ 100. This is a great way for Xbox and other console developers to earn and save money at the same time. In this way, they can also force game developers not to distribute their games on other platforms.

The future of game developers:

The only game that worked well on smartphones from the start was “Sonic Adventures”, an old but golden Sega title. It was a 2D game with limited controls, and it was basically like today’s mobile games like subway surfing and temple rush, so it works. At that time these smartphones could not run these demanding games.

Capcom has released its flagship “Resident Evil 4” for smartphones, a very watered down version of the game. The graphics were very understated and the character models weren’t as crisp as gaming on PC and consoles. Capcom has also released another huge franchise game for smartphones, “Devil May Cry 4”. Unfortunately, DMC4 on mobile has the same setbacks as RE4.

Fast forward a bit and the developers have realized that the smartphone platform is large and profitable enough to deserve some titles of its own. Then many small smartphone titles were invented. No watered-down versions of high-quality games to ruin the experience. But completely new titles that are made to work on smartphones. These are all 2D games.

We’ve seen both industries go different ways, and we’ve seen game developers work in both industries separately. But now, as phones are made for ever higher performance, the two camps are meeting again. Both the Razer Xbox series and Backbone One were inspired by the Nintendo Switch in their controller design.

Although Xbox is also inspired by Netflix in its streaming services such as Netflix, Xbox hosts all games and also creates game servers that allow people with a good internet connection to stream online games to their carded game server machines. graphics, processors, high RAM and SSD. This is an expensive but brilliant idea.