Quick oak:

Checkers, also known as checkers, is one of the oldest and most loved board games in the world, dating back to 3000 BC, originally played on real 1v1 tables, the game has seen various variations emerge around the world over the centuries. .

But as technology advances, some of the more popular checkers variations are available from a central point, thanks to games like Quick Checkers, an online checkers game available for free

Play against random players:

A game heavily based on strategy, playing checkers is one of the most reliable ways to improve memory and problem-solving skills.

Do you think you are a true sketch master? Invite your friends and other players now for a quick and delicious game of checkers.

Many variations and exotic places:

To comply with the rules of the game in other parts of the world, Quick Checkers supports different variations such as American Checkers, International Checkers and Brazilian Checkers.

What’s even better is that the developers will be adding several popular variations soon.

Apart from this, users can also play in exotic real places like New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro as long as they gain experience and level of access.

Competitive investment system:

Quick Checkers has a daily competition where users can compete against other random players. People of the same skill level compete with each other through a national and global ranking system. This system ranks you based on your position relative to other players nationally and internationally.

Incredible graphics:

In addition to great graphics and an intuitive interface, Quick Checkers has an in-game chat system that allows you to easily stay in touch with your friends and other players.

Dominate the center and make tremendous progress:

While it’s always tempting to start the game by placing your pieces on the edges so they don’t get caught, it’s not a recommended strategy as moving around greatly limits your options.

In this regard, the most appropriate winning strategy would be to bring the king’s pieces to the center of the table of the mass.

This not only restricts your opponent’s movement, but also puts pressure on him, increasing your chances of grabbing more pieces.

Pushing the numbers forward also makes it easier to get confirmations from the pieces of the adjacent pieces.

Go to the royal rank first:

Considering how Kinged pieces can perform extra moves, always dare to beat your opponent when acquiring Kinged pieces, as this greatly increases your shooting and advancement options.

Keep your royal line compact:

Considering how more kings increase a player’s chances of winning, you should never give your opponent this privilege. The best way to do this is to move the king pieces on your king row for as long as possible.

Therefore, try to promote the pieces of your piece, even if you prevent your opponent from bringing his pieces into the kingdom.

Final conclusion:

Oak is a great choice for intellectuals like the boomer gene and for those who want to train their brain cells. Some people want hardcore fun without too many intellectual thoughts. Don’t forget to read our other great Android game reviews.