Top 4 best password managers in 2022

Top 4 best password managers in 2022

Protecting your passwords is an important part of online life, especially protecting your master passwords. When one of these leaks, you have to switch to something new, which is definitely a bummer. This is why so many people use password managers, especially their mobile apps, and with the wide variety available, whether you need a free version or something more robust, it’s hard to choose which password manager to work with. That’s why Android Police has put together a collection of password managers to highlight the best Android apps available, whatever your needs. So put your fear of hackers aside; Today’s review offers some of the most intuitive and useful password managers.

Free password manager apps

Keeping your online account safe should never be about money, so we start with solutions that provide the basics for free. All of the options listed here offer device syncing with Android (and even iOS), though you’ll need to store an unlimited number of passwords. Many of them also offer paid tiers with some extra features, but the main basics are free. So if you’re looking for the best free password managers, today’s best review is for you.

Bit warden:

Bit warden is an open source password repository that is gaining popularity thanks to a well-organized free account assignment that makes security accessible to everyone. You can store as many strong passwords as you want and use the management for free on as many devices as you have.

The app supports biometric unlocking, uses the Android AutoFill API and can be secured via 2FA. If you prefer, you can also host the manager on your own server, which is not available in many competing products. In 2020, Bit warden was audited by a third-party security company, but found no exploitable vulnerabilities.
If you’re willing to pay $10 a year for a premium plan, you also get access to 1GB of encrypted file storage, OTP management support, emergency access, and priority support. There’s also a $40 family plan for up to six people if you find yourself sharing passwords often.

Password Safe:

Password Safe is an open source password lock that started on Windows but made its way to Android. The app is still free despite the move to mobile, although it’s not as easy to use as some of the paid options on today’s list. As with KeePass, you store the encrypted file in a file store such as Drive, where you sync your database. That way, changes to this file will propagate to other devices, whether you’re using Android or Windows, as long as the database file stays synced through Drive (or another file storage of your choice).

Fingerprints are supported, so you don’t have to enter your master password every time (a welcome convenience), and since the app is free, anyone can try it out, even if you’re just looking at the Windows version.

Store password:

Android Password Store may not be a name everyone recognizes, but it is an open source password manager from Harsh Shandilya. It’s completely free and offers most of the features you’d expect, including password generation and the ability to sync with a third-party repository of your choice. You can also sync your password locally, for example to an SD card. Either way, you’re covered.

The caveat is that you need to install another app to encrypt and decrypt passwords. This application is called OpenKeychain: Easy PGP. Apart from the secondary app needed for encryption/decryption, setting up Android Password Store is quite easy.

Microsoft Authenticator:

Microsoft Authenticator started out as a 2FA app with a clunky interface, but has evolved into a full-fledged password manager that syncs with Microsoft Edge or a Chrome browser extension when you sign in with your Microsoft account. Since Microsoft does business with enterprise customers, rest assured that the company will take every possible step to protect the product.

Plus, the Android and Apple apps offer all the usual bells and whistles — biometric unlock, Android Autofill API, and support for 2FA codes are all included, ensuring ease of use. It also allows you to sign in to your Microsoft account without a password.