Top 5 Apps For Students to Enhance Their Productivity

Top 5 Apps For Students to Enhance Their Productivity

We live in the modern age of technology and we have so many apps at our disposal that make our lives easier. It doesn’t matter if you want to cook an interesting recipe or create a new workout routine; If you can think of it, there’s an app for it. Likewise, if you are a student and need help with your studies or homework, there is an app that can help you with that. It is crucial that the student remains productive and avoids distractions around him. There are apps specifically designed to help students stay productive and efficient. In this article, I have mentioned some apps that can help students improve their productivity.

5 Best Productivity Apps for Students


If you want to remain a productive student, you have to think a lot and write down your new ideas. Many students who are bad at leadership miss great ideas simply because they didn’t write them down. Evernote lets you take notes however and whenever you want. The application allows you to annotate in the form of text, images and URLs. You can also create audio notes and listen to them later while you work on the project. Evernote helps you track your thoughts and improves your productivity.

Drink PDF:

If you spend half your time searching for documents on your laptop, you will lose productivity. It is recommended to organize and consolidate all documents by project so that you can easily find all documents when you need them. Soda PDF allows you to edit and combine all PDF files belonging to the same project into one file. You can also make the PDF editable with Soda PDF and you can easily copy references to archive them in another document.

Google calendar:

If you want someone to keep you on your toes, Google Calendar is the perfect partner for you. Google Calendar is a great app that offers you various features. You can create an accurate study schedule in your Google Calendar app and it will keep you informed about your daily activities and the courses you have to study that day. You can also set deadlines for your tasks and projects, and the app constantly reminds you not to miss a deadline. The app has a minimalistic interface and you can also set goals that you want to achieve over the course of weeks or months.


This is an app that helps students to concentrate. If you are easily distracted by the things around you, this app can help you focus on your project. The app is well designed and measures the progress of your project in the form of a floor plan. The more you work, the more it grows, and when the project is done, it becomes a mature tree. If you skip a project, the tree will die and all your progress will be lost. It’s a great way to stay focused, motivated and productive in your tasks.


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