Top 5 Best Earning Apps in India 2022

Earning Apps

Money making apps in India can help you out of your financial crisis. Yes, you heard that right! We all know that this situation is difficult. Covid-19 has a serious impact on both our physical and mental health. On the other hand, the situation is even worse when many of us have lost our jobs, have businesses collapse and are struggling with the financial crisis. In this situation where there are hardly any vacancies in companies, no business opportunities or other ways to make real money, have you ever thought that there could be a great digital key to de-stress, leaving many opportunities to make money? to deserve. Now you are probably thinking: How can I make money online without investing? This question can be answered by introducing you the best money making apps in India.

App To Make Money In India [Free]


In addition to working from home, retail companies quickly took over the market. Yaris is one of the best-selling web applications of recent times. You can buy and sell a variety of products from over 200 categories such as clothing, shoes, accessories, home décor and more and earn up to 25,000 per month. You can even get a commission for every order. Signing up for the app requires no investment and you can use it easily. In addition, getting started does not require any special skills or knowledge in the field. People from any industry, any age group, any interest, male or female can use this app and make easy money online.

  • Rated 4.1 based on 6,000 reviews
  • Application size 5.6 MB
  • 1 million downloads

Cash Addax:

If you’re wondering how to make money from home without investing, this app is the ideal platform to start. No special skills or professional experience is needed here to get started, and you can easily earn money by following and completing simple tasks. Cashadda made it possible to earn money easily by doing simple tasks and some other simple processes. With Cashadda, you can earn cash and payment wallets by simply logging in, taking simple quizzes, completing simple tasks, installing referral apps on your device or just telling your friends about CashAdda. So enter the field of online earning and become your own boss.

  • Rated 4.3 based on 117,000 reviews
  • Application size 3.3 MB

Task money:

Are high mobile charging bills getting heavy for you? Does the end of the month mean empty pockets? Are you looking for extra income to fulfill your wishes? Here’s a recommendation for you: one of the best mobile income apps in 2022. Task Busk is an ideal app to earn money and recharge your mobile. You can earn coins by playing quizzes and games, completing simple step-by-step tasks as instructed, participating in daily competitions and reporting Task Bucks to your friends. Coins earned are converted to cash within a specified time. You can use the coins by charging your mobile phone and also transfer the coins to your wallet. So what’s the point of waiting! Get Task Bucks on your phone today.

  • Ranked by 4,985,000 reviews
  • Application size 15 MB
  • 10 million downloads

Google Opinion Awards:

How to make money from home? – using Google Opinion Awards. You’re right. This is one of the most popular apps for making money online. Not only in India, Google Opinion Rewards is available in 29 countries around the world, making it one of the most trusted apps online. Market analysts need different types of market research to carry out different research and development projects. This app helps them to connect with many people/consumers and get their answers through surveys. In this app you can earn rewards by completing surveys. If you plan on making good use of your free time and looking for opportunities to earn extra money, this app is a great option.

  • Rated 4.2 based on 2 million reviews
  • Application size 12 MB
  • Over 50 million downloads


An Android app specially curated for women – that doesn’t sound great! Sheros is an app for women that covers a wide variety of topics related to women. This app is useful for everyone whether it be social problem, legal advice, relationship advice, health advice, beauty advice or help with preparation for work. When a woman needs such guidance, professional institutions offer services, but they are never free.