Top Online Courses Platforms in 2022

Top Online Courses Platforms in 2022

The “paradox of choice” states that when people are presented with too many options, consumers feel stressed and anxious. Sometimes choices are a good thing when you’re in the store picking up the candy you want. But when it comes to which online course platform to trust to make money, too many choices can have you puzzling for days.

The online course creators have all experienced their share of technical difficulties. If you are serious about selling your courses online, you can’t afford to waste time. We help you decide with the best online course platforms to start your journey and turn your knowledge into a thriving business.

List of the latest online course environments of 2022

1) Think

Thinkific has several large customers who owe their success to the platform. Founded in 2012, it has quickly become one of the biggest players in the LMS scene. Thinkific strives to keep its design very easy to use, but sacrifices an attractive interface. So, if you want to spice up your website, Thinkific may not be for you.


Ease of Use: Thinkific makes it easy to create your website and courses, so you won’t spend days trying to figure out how to add the plugin you’re looking for. The website may not look the best, but the user interface does the job.

Technical elements that help you go online: Your website is SSL secured, their servers are hosted via Amazon Web Service, payment gateways integrated with stripes, and PayPal ensure a smooth experience when you go live. Their content protection ensures that your lessons are not downloaded and distributed without your permission.


  • Price: Thinkific offers a free lifetime plan, but feature availability is limited. They don’t offer
  • refunds and their price levels look something like this:
  • Base price: $ 49
  • Pro: $ 99
  • Increase: $ 99 (plus $ 0.10 per active student)
  • Prime: $ 499
  • Also: Contact us for pricing
  • These expensive and complicated layers don’t look too attractive.
  • Support: Free tier users are not offered any kind of support. Other subscribers can use their
  • phone support, but chat support is not yet available.

Adding New Features: Thinkific thrives on simplicity (sometimes too simple), but this can sometimes mean keeping new additions at bay. After July 2020, their next update came in May 2022 when they launched Thinkific App Store.

Migration Support: They only offer custom migration planning as part of their “Thinkific Plus” plan, available to large course companies. No other plan receives migration assistance, making switching to the platform much more difficult.

2) Learning worlds

Unlike Thinkific, Learn worlds gives you the ability to market your courses in a much more manageable and customizable way. It’s a popular platform for companies to train their employees, but it’s as effective as an online school.


Price: They don’t have a free lifetime subscription, but you can take advantage of a free trial that includes all the features for whichever plan you want to try. The paid versions start at a

  • reasonable price and are presented in a way that users can understand, as there are only four:
  • Appetizer: $ 29
  • Professional Coach: $ 99
  • Learning Center: $ 299
  • High volume and business – contact us for pricing
  • You can also take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked of course.

Adding New Features: They regularly add new features and updates to their platform. Updates such as new bulk user features, newer checkout sections, modern learning analytics, and improved email integrations have been implemented very frequently.

Transfer Service: Once you have created your school and course on this online course platform, you can get help through concierge onboarding or even use their transfer services.

Technical elements to help you go online: all of their schools have an SSL certificate built into each package. They have an impressive selection of built-in payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, 2checkout, Shopify. Their constant backup and isolated database ensure that your data is never compromised. In terms of effective technical aspects, Learn worlds is doing great.