Top Speed ​​is made by T-Ball for Android users and you may have heard of this company before. Publish many apps like “Road Racing: Highway Car Chase”, “Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag” etc.

About this app!

Top Speed ​​sets a new standard in endurance racing. Jump behind the wheel and get ready to take your breath away the moment you hit the nitro button. Drive 69 cars, defeat 20 crime lords and become the biggest fish in town.

In Top Speed, you can fine-tune and customize your ride to your liking. Increase engine power, upgrade gears and nitro, repaint your car, apply stickers if necessary.

The best!

This game is absolutely awesome and we have played many other driving games but this game is really fun to play. The graphics are great and the gameplay is excellent, the great controls and customizations are also really well designed. We like this game the most because it is a bit challenging but quite interesting to play. Another best thing is that beginners can learn driving skills and choose from a variety of cars.

Difficult things!

We have talked about the same problem so many times and have had the same problem with the game app as well. Users don’t like it when they face this kind of problem while playing the game and they get stuck in the game and forced to watch the commercial. So another problem is very common and we have faced this problem in other games and now we have it again in this game app. The problem is that when we opened the game it took too long to load and sometimes crashed.

Our experience is generally good, but the problems we encountered need to be resolved as soon as possible. If they want to make their gaming app more usable.