You just asked a question and now you think your work is done. As of now, many users around the world are downloading and using the app.

  • For real?
  • But how do people know about your app?
  • And if they install your app, will they stay there for a long time?
  • Embarrassed?

It is possible that users will install your app and use it for a long time, but a strategy is needed for this and that strategy is push notifications.

Push notifications are special messages and are usually a combination of text and images, such as an image, GIF, video, etc. These messages are sent directly to the user’s device via a mobile application. Push notifications are displayed as a full screen message or as a banner at the top or bottom, depending on the function and purpose for which they are sent.

Push notifications work on the principle of consent-based marketing and serve as an alternative where customers do not appreciate the intrusion of unwanted messages. These can be Android push notifications or IOS push notifications depending on the user’s device platform.

Now the question is, why is the push notification strategy important to the success of the app?

Let’s discuss this in detail:

Economical compared to other methods:

You want to take your business around the world, but you’re on a tight budget. Well, if that’s the case, push notifications are a lot cheaper than other advertising methods. Especially for new and small business groups struggling with the budget.

It has the ability to quickly bring your app to any device around the world. According to Business of Apps, the participation rate in app push notifications in 2018 was 91.1% on the Android platform.

For interesting customers:

Haven’t received offers and discounts in the form of eye-catching notifications via apps that you rarely use?

Well, this is a technique used by app owners to attract users to their platforms.

Let’s look at some statistics that further clarify the power of push notifications behind the app’s success.

According to Invesco, with push notifications:

o Demand commitment increased by 88%

o User activity increases by 65% ​​during the 30 days that push notifications were enabled

o Application retention rate increases 3-10 times

o 48% of app users made a purchase after activating push notifications

o Push notifications help retain double the number of users

o The average click-through rate for push notifications was 10.3%

o The app was used 11 times a month by 46% of users who enabled push notifications, while only          25% do not.

o The retention rate of new users increases by 71% in two months if only one push notification was      used in the first week.

Make important announcements:

Now suppose you have a large number of users for your application. They like your app and are very engaged, but there comes a time when you have your competitors in the market. To win this competition, you need to update or modify your app to provide a better user experience for your user.

What usually happens at this point is that your users start to lose interest in your app. This is due to some issues or issues in getting a smooth user experience. Here you can make a public announcement of a push notification campaign about updating and changing your app. Show your responsibility to your users and help build loyalty.

Helps to collect more leads and quality:

Low volume and quality of leads are the biggest concerns for many businesses because visitors don’t want to provide personal information. They also show no interest in filling out lead generation forms. But by using push notifications, you do not have to depend on the lead information, because in this case the consent of the subscribers is required with one click and you can easily connect them to your platform without asking for personal information.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Customization and fast delivery:

Push notifications can be sent instantly anywhere in the world. This means that you have something new, take a moment and you will reach your users in no time. Additionally, you can add visuals and emoticons that give your users an impressive image. Create the desire for users to see the notification in detail. Also, they can be adjusted based on the time the user sees the notification. It further increases the likelihood that customers will consider making an on-site purchase via push notifications.