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Every Dream Town Story resident has their own lifestyle and preferences. And you have met all their needs and preferences.
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Dream Town Story allows players to act as the newly inaugurated mayor. You develop your hometown to be as prosperous as possible. Starting with paving the streets and planning the area, players need to attract as many people as possible to develop their city's economy.




Dream Town Story is an interesting game from Kairosoft’s construction series. The main task of the game is to build cities, sell houses and upgrade shops. So you can count the money at the end of the month. But the game does not allow players to relax. Players must carefully calculate when building a particular structure.

Either way, Dream Town Story is still a simple management game worth checking out at this point. No terrible graphics, no flashy effects or a deep story, just a few 8-bit images are enough to fall in love with them. Although Dream Town Story is still a paid game, publisher Kairosoft’s game has never let players down. The road to becoming a village head is still a long way off.

General Information

The Dream Town Story is the story of a young man. Suddenly, where he inherits the land inherited from his family. That land was also very untouched. So the young man built a village where people from all over the world could gather to live together. This is how simple it is to become a village chief. However, building a village is one thing, running from village to village is a challenge.

The classic but very effective 8-bit pixel graphics gave this game a homely and relaxed atmosphere. Build roads, plan areas of land for apartment rentals, build various works that improve the standard of living in the village, attract more residents and collect money yourself. However, buildings in the game cannot be built without bluffing, with the exception of houses.

You must have your own collection to build. The quantity is also very limited. Build large buildings for people to work and restaurants to increase their stats. Then theme parks, urban landscapes and public welfare works can stimulate moral citizens. Don’t forget to put the garbage cans in front of the village to meet the standards. A lot to build but the house is not available is a challenge.

So, if you want to find those jobs, we can find the answer in two ways. One is that you meet the game requirements and get a gift. The second is to purchase special packs via special stats sold in the shop.

Fortunately, these indicators are also easy to obtain. These indicators are also useful for other things, such as organizing events or clearing unknown lands for village expansion. But don’t be too eager to create a lot of jobs because we limit people’s needs. If you build too much and your business takes a loss to pay for maintenance costs, you can earn money to make up for all the losses. This Dream Town story makes sense.

How do you play Dream Town Story?

We need to put local houses close to each other and close to work so they can still make money. But at the end of the month they have to pay the rent. Otherwise, both the mayor and the people will be hungry. Stores always have separate combinations that need to be placed next to each other to increase sales. For example, vegetables should be placed near fish or flower shops should be near supermarkets. If you build a versatile home without planning, maintenance costs are reduced.

Older people cannot walk a lot, so they need to place their homes near places where they can travel easily. We need to place the students close to the school. The mayor also has to do many other things, such as helping people get their dream job. Some professions sound strange, such as prodigy, ninja or hero.

A man who looks like Snow White’s handsome prince dreamed of changing his mangaka career. The sweet younger sister dreamed of changing jobs as a fisherwoman. And young people, who live too long on earth and are bored, want to exchange jobs with foreigners. From time to time people pass the test of who is smarter, who is prettier, who is more talented, but often fails more than succeed. You also need to motivate people to love, marry and live together.

If you open a new store, don’t build it. It is best to research that we can build together which operations create combos. Otherwise, the revenue will not be enough to cover the losses in infrastructure maintenance fees, let alone land and waste. It does not require a large number of shops. Each structure has a limit on how many can be built.

Additional Features

When the population is full, you must expand your village. One is to build a system of winding roads to recruit as many people as possible. The second is to expand the kingdom, to demand more space from the land.

Whenever you plan to live abroad, you need to calculate carefully why the old owner won’t let you comfortably rent the apartment. The old man offers you strange lease terms that you have to comply with if you want some of your money and effort to go down. Moving and sharing apartments is also a big problem.

A free mobile game can’t be that affordable. Dream Town Story is no exception. There are some limited things that you stop listening to, also very inhibiting. The strange thing is that it costs nothing to destroy it. But if you move your house to another location, you can only do that twice a day. If you want to do more, let your money go.

Another is that no matter how hard you plow to maintain your village, one thing is for sure: you won’t have any kind of resources or stats. From zero income to loss, there are months when money is negative. If you build it up a bit, you can’t increase the population. But when it’s done, it will make up for a few months’ worth of business losses even in the city center. Sometimes, when we want to buy or widen a road, we don’t dare to open it. We are afraid to open it and that is why people are not interested.

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Last words

Dream Town Story allows players to act as the newly inaugurated mayor. You develop your hometown to be as prosperous as possible. Starting with paving the streets and planning the area, players need to attract as many people as possible to develop their city’s economy.

Every Dream Town Story resident has their own lifestyle and preferences. And you have met all their needs and preferences. For example, this guy is a freelancer who likes games and cakes. Another girl wants to break into the stock market and has a hobby of walking in the park. The game offers relaxing moments where players can experience the real actions of the game.

Dream Town Story features an 8-bit graphics platform full of fun and color. And you have to help them to live in the coolest and most comfortable atmosphere. The happier the residents are, the stronger your city’s economy will be.