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First and foremost, Ludo King offers players a fair and safe game that prevents hacking or cheating during matches.
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Despite all the cool features, Ludo King is also free for Android gamers. Nevertheless, you can easily download it and install it on your devices. Open the game and enter the world of wonderful board games absolutely free.




Enjoy the classic board game of Ludo King where you have the opportunity to enjoy this fantastic game with friends, online players and even alone. Choose your side and let your inner child immerse yourself in the children’s games that you have always enjoyed.


The game features the traditional Ludo King board game in which you can play an exciting match with three other players. Grab your unique color coded pages and let the game begin.

Roll the dice and hope you get a six so you can mobilize your chess pieces. Every time you roll a six, you can also continue another round. And when you reach your destination, you can start to get all the chess pieces to the finish to win the game. In addition, Ludo King allows players to enjoy many exciting board games that you can enjoy with your friends. Experience the fun of classic board games right on your mobile devices.


Absolutely fair and square game:

First and foremost, Ludo King offers players a fair and safe game that prevents hacking or cheating during matches. However, it is next to impossible for hackers to take advantage of the game. Not to mention that regular updates make the game very safe. In addition, the auto-move system keeps the game running and prevents hackers from buying time. And best of all, players caught cheating will have their accounts banned for a period of time depending on the severity. Therefore, you are guaranteed to have fair and fun games with Ludo King.

Useful game options:

And to make the game more fun, Ludo King includes some of the most amazing features players could ever want. However, you can easily continue or stop your gaming processes if you are in the middle of something. When it comes to playing offline, you can easily save and load your game progress. Continue your adventures whenever you want.

Enjoy games with friends from all over the world:

One of the most important features of the game is the exciting online and multiplayer. However, with the help of Ludo King, Android players can easily connect with other players around the world. The game includes both online and local multiplayer, from which users can choose the one that suits them best. Take part in exciting competitions with 2-6 different players. We also recommend that you link your social accounts to the game so that you can see your friends online and save your progress online. And finally, with the improved network connections in the latest updates, the game has become a lot of fun and fun to play. Not only for the addicting gameplay, but also for the fantastic socialization options.

Intuitive and interactive communication options:

By the way, in addition to multiplayer, players have access to a lot of great communication options in Ludo King that would definitely enhance your overall experience. Send multiple text chats to your friends, opponents or other players in the lobby chat or private messages. Choose cool emoticons to show your emotions and so on. And the best feature is the real-time voice chat which allows you to chat with your friends in Ludo King whenever you want.

In-depth statistics system:

Ludo players also get their own stats and have a level system to work with. And of course you can also check the stats of their friends and other players here. Find out about their wins, favorite games and more. And as for the level system, each level won also unlocks a new in-game game.

Simple and intuitive gameplay:

First of all, Ludo King is extremely simple and intuitive, which players can get to know quickly. Despite this, you can easily find yourself enjoying this classic board game in no time. Take advantage of the simple and optimized touch controls to feel comfortable in the game.

Regular updates with more features:

Ludo King players are bound to have the most engaging and fun gaming experiences with updates released from time to time. Discover new features and enjoy a clean and error-free game.

Enjoy the game completely offline:

And if you want, you can also enjoy the game completely offline and still use most of the features. However, you can use local multiplayer and enjoy the game with friends. Or grab your favorite board game and play against smart computers. And since it is a mobile game, you can also enjoy the portability it offers. Play when and where you want.

Lots of exciting games to enjoy:

And along with Ludo King, the app also introduces players to many other classic games you’ve grown up on. Enjoy classic Snake and Ladders games and other great games in your Ludo King app. The simple rules of these games make them suitable for players of all ages.

Have fun betting:

And when you play, you can also use a small amount of your game money to place bets. Challenge other players by participating in the exciting game Ludo King. Beat them and earn money to buy something interesting.

Various themes and customizations available:

In addition to the main game, Ludo King also includes great themes and customizations that players can unlock and use in their game. Play classic Ludo King of Snake and Ladders with multiple themes and custom tabs. Each board feels completely different from the next.

Multiple rewards for active players:

For active players, Ludo King offers great rewards that are sure to be interesting. You can earn valuable rewards by completing tasks or by winning matches against other players. You can even just log into the game every day to collect your rewards. Use them to unlock awesome customizations to your boards and cool in-game effects.

Free to play:

Despite all the cool features, Ludo King is also free for Android gamers. Nevertheless, you can easily download it and install it on your devices. Open the game and enter the world of wonderful board games absolutely free.

Unlock amazing features with our mods:

And if you want to play ad-free from the get-go and have access to all the game’s customizations and features, then you need to download Ludo King Mod APK on your device. Follow our provided instructions carefully and the game will be successfully installed on your devices.

Picture and sound quality


The game has relatively simple graphics with minimal requirements. Classic graphics make the game feel like a real game. Apart from that, modest graphics make the game very accessible even for gamers who play on budget devices.

Sound / music:

With intuitive and accurate sound effects, Ludo King introduces players to an engaging and relaxing game that you can hardly find in other board games or the like. Enjoy the overall sound experience of this game.