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If you are familiar with PixaMotion exclusive movies and some other mobile apps, Movepic is definitely a great app.
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If you are familiar with PixaMotion exclusive movies and some other mobile apps, Movepic is definitely a great app. Here you can enjoy standard movie shooting options. And at the same time, the added in-app features also allow you to use Movepic to create your best movies.




If you find that your photos and photos are quite boring and unattractive due to their static state, then this cool Movepic mobile app is sure to be a great tool for your android devices. In addition to helping you create beautiful photos with amazing visual experiences, Movepic Android users will also find they get the most out of their mobile app and create beautiful moving photos with stunning visual effects.

Now you can use your mobile devices to store beautiful photos and all kinds of photos. Feel free to add specific visual effects and customizations to fully immerse yourself in immersive visual experiences. And most importantly, with the motion effects added to the mobile photo editor, Movepic Android users should be able to enjoy beautiful moving images with amazing visual effects.

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What does it do?

For those of you interested in Movepic’s exciting mobile app, you can now take full advantage of its features so that Android users can fully participate in the photo shoot. Here, the app provides a powerful built-in camera app that allows you to capture all images efficiently with the best visual quality, and at the same time, you can add multiple prefilters with different visuals and effects.

At the same time, the exciting mobile app also has a powerful photo editing app that makes it easy to fully edit your photos. Here, the app offers various editing options for your photos, effectively enhancing your impressions and visual experiences. Best of all, thanks to the amazing moving image effects, you can get a much more powerful visual effect with Movepic. You are free to take advantage of the many effects of the app and really participate in the experience.


To fully enjoy Movepic’s exciting mobile app, Android users need to pay for the full version of the app, which isn’t always an option for most users. But on the other hand, you can still use it for free with some restrictions.

For the app to work properly on Android devices, you need to run the app on newer devices with firmware version 4.3 or later. Most importantly, there are some permissions you need to grant to the app to take full advantage of its features.

And if you’re going to use the built-in camera to take pictures in Movepic, it’s always best to choose Android devices with a decent camera setup that you can always use. This ensures that you can enjoy the best images and photos from your cameras.

Great features

Here are all the interesting features offered by the app:

Just add animations to still images

For those of you interested, you can now use Movepic’s exciting mobile app to breathe new life into your photos. Here you can animate the elements in your images with the cool in-app features. Choose the moves you want and adjust their speed or looped animations, which should make the whole viewing experience a lot more fun and interesting. Feel free to create flowing rivers and moving clouds, add specific animations, and enhance flows with your own unique transitions. All of this should make your static images much more active.

Have fun animating the environment with unique works of art

To make animated photo elements much more interesting, Movepic Android users can also make various changes to their colorful sunsets and animated rivers or clouds. Here, along with the moving photo elements, you should be able to convert the chosen elements into pixel art or give them unique color options. As a result, you can effectively edit in-app experiences and fully enhance the colors of selected items.

Take amazing photos with your super camera

In order for Movepic android users to take their beautiful photos with the most impressive visual experiences, Movepic now offers its realistic moving camera effects with many unnecessary transitions and powerful effects. All of these can easily be added to your cameras before taking pictures. This allows you to fully enjoy your photography experiences and make the photos you take stand out from the crowd. You can also take advantage of the excellent camera effects that allow you to enjoy the app to the fullest.

Add specific overlays to promote your moving images

For those of you interested, Movepic’s awesome mobile app offers unique photo overlays that add exciting visual effects to your creative work. Here you can try out different moving graphics effects that offer exciting visual experiences. Feel free to add your own cinematic effects to make the videos much more exciting. Turn on weather overlays or glitter to export your photos to different environments. Or customize the moving background with free custom overlays. As a result, you are free to create many unique and exciting images from the app.

Multiple blending and overlay effects

At the same time, Movepic now offers an amazing double exposure option that allows you to promote your captured photos with the included camera setup. Here you are free to use multiple photos to blend and overlay your images, allowing for a number of editing options that you can use freely. And best of all, you can adjust your double exposure to your liking.

Get the most out of the built-in photo editor

Those interested can now use the included in-app photo editor to customize the images available for free. You are free to use the app to perform simple editing options like crop, rotate, and adjust image colors.

Or have fun with the many effects available that can be used to further customize your images. From adding cool image stickers to enhancing your photos with professional image editing tools. Everything is available in Movepic’s exciting mobile app, which should make free work with the available images easier.

Enjoy the unlocked app on our website

Since the app is still a freemium mobile app, you have to pay for in-app purchases if you want to enjoy Movepic to the fullest. However, you can also choose a modified version of Movepic from our website, which is completely free and unlocked. You just need to download Movepic Mod APK (VIP subscription unlocked) from our website. Follow the instructions provided and you can successfully install it on mobile devices. Feel free to enjoy the full mobile app and enjoy editing photos with ease.

Final judgments

If you are familiar with PixaMotion exclusive movies and some other mobile apps, Movepic is definitely a great app. Here you can enjoy standard movie shooting options. And at the same time, the added in-app features also allow you to use Movepic to create your best movies. And finally, with the free and unlocked in-app features, you should enjoy the app even more.