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Grab a "naked" robot with only a metal frame and begin your journey in the Real Steel Boxing Champions series.
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In addition, Real Steel Boxing Champions also offers several challenges and achievements that you can always explore. Complete them and get great rewards for yourself. Give your robots cool upgrades to be ready for tough challenges.




Real Steel Boxing Champions players compete in an epic brawl with the best robot fighters in the world. Build your ultimate fighting robot and experience epic action in Real Steel Boxing Champions. Collect various parts from various missions and challenges to upgrade your fighter. Upgrade and unlock special powers that can seriously increase your power.

The game also offers a chance to have fun playing with famous robots and characters from the famous Real Steel series. Join Max, Charlie and the epic robots Atom, Zeus, Midas and Noisy Boy in their epic challenge in the world tournaments. Compete against the best players and call yourself a champion.

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Real Steel Boxing Champions introduces players to an epic fighting game where they can travel to a fictional world of the future where robot boxing has completely replaced the traditional sport. Now you can safely guide your robot into epic matches where he can fight until he can’t fight anymore.

Grab a “naked” robot with only a metal frame and begin your journey in the Real Steel Boxing Champions series. Take your robot to epic battles against your opponents, defeat them to collect the epic loot the game has to offer. Use it to upgrade your bot to get a better stat or at least put a metal shield on it.

The game presents 10 different arenas in various locations where players can enter the ring and face the strongest robot champions. With thousands of different robots with unique powers and abilities, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to become the king of the ring. Not to mention the bad bosses waiting for you at the end. Be prepared if you don’t want to get hit easily. At least you have to fight well.


Collect the parts and build your robot masters:

For starters, Real Steel Boxing Champions players have the opportunity to collect a variety of upgradeable parts to use on your robot. Give your robot cool upgrades with over 1500 available parts. Or unlock more than 32 different unique robots that are absolute beasts in battle. Own them and you can easily win jaw-dropping matches.

Moreover, there are also great customization features to style your robots. Give it some distinctive features so that your opponents notice you as soon as you enter the ring and remember the name forever.

Upgrade your robots as you progress through the game:

And if you find yourself fighting for the title in Real Steel Boxing Champion, you can also collect awesome power-ups and upgrades for your robots to give them a greater chance of winning. Take advantage of the changing forces of the tide and easily reap your winnings.

A simple and addictive game:

The game has simple and intuitive controls that make everything easily accessible. Nevertheless, you can participate in real-time robot boxing matches and unleash freely available attacks on enemies. Not to mention the intuitive interfaces that make everything very similar in Real Steel Boxing Champions.

Unleash powerful moves and skills to destroy your opponent:

In order to take down your opponent quickly and avoid critical hits from opponents, it is recommended to master all the robot’s moves and skills. Dive into epic battles with giant opponents and fight smartly to win.

Prepare a series of devastating attacks to take out your opponents as you face them. Use heavy and special attacks to deliver critical hits and special moves to break through their defenses. Dodge attacks and send them back with epic combos to take them down.

Experience epic battles with Real Steel legends or own them:

Fans of the famous Real Steel movie finally have the chance to enjoy this epic game featuring their favorite characters from the series. Collect your favorite robot champion and fight against legends like Atom, Zeus, Noisy Boy and so on. Or you can also unlock these legends and have them join your team.

Enjoy the game in different modes:

Immerse yourself in the epic action of Real Steel Box Champions in multiple game modes. Experience unique gameplay with epic challenges.

Tournaments – Participate in a fast-paced tournament where you have up to 25 battles to win. Challenge giant bosses and best of all 5 terrifying bosses that can knock you down anytime if you’re not careful enough.
Challenges – Test your skills and abilities in epic challenges where you must complete over 30 daunting missions to win.
120 Time Attack – Take part in this fantastic game mode in which you have the opportunity to defeat multiple opponents in the shortest possible time. Become a legend and beat the records of others.
Free Sparring – And if you’re up for a quick challenge, the game offers great unlimited free sparring where you can engage in endless battles. Improve your skills and talents to compete with the greats.

Complete challenges and achievements to get great rewards:

In addition, Real Steel Boxing Champions also offers several challenges and achievements that you can always explore. Complete them and get great rewards for yourself. Give your robots cool upgrades to be ready for tough challenges.

Enter the online world and test your skills with real players:

More importantly, Real Steel Boxing Champions players also have the opportunity to join other players from around the world in an exciting online game. Take part in fantastic online tournaments and discover epic action. Join other players in online P2P battles and play amazing backup games. And finally, you can compete with each other in online leaderboards. Find out if you have what it takes to become a champion.

Never lose your progress in Real Steel Boxing Champion:

In order not to lose your records in Real Steel Boxing Champions, players can link the game to their social network account. Thus, not only do you see your friends playing this game, but your record is automatically saved online. So the next time you sign in from another device, your progress will remain the same.

Free to play:

The game is currently free for Android players, you can download and install it from Google Play Store without paying. Enjoy free action gameplay as you clash with your favorite characters and robots in this amazing adventure.

Unlock the entire gameplay with our mod:

And if you want in-game purchases removed so you can enjoy the game, we have just the thing for you Follow our given instructions to fully unlock the game. Enjoy an unlimited game where you can buy anything without paying. Plus, you also get rid of annoying ads in the process, which makes it even better.

Picture and sound quality


With fantastic graphics and realistic visual effects, Real Steel Boxing Champions players will get lost in epic battles with giant robots. Immersive environments and well-designed robots make everything much more fun.

Sound / music:

In addition, realistic and accurate sound effects with a screaming crowd, powerful punches, fast movements and so on make the game a great mobile title.