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Android users can always take advantage of Snapseed's versatile app to edit photos and enhance your viewing experience.
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Android users can always take advantage of Snapseed's versatile app to edit photos and enhance your viewing experience. And since the free version of the app is available for most users, it should be a widely used image editing app for Android users.




The art of photo editing is extremely powerful and exciting because you can play freely with different visual effects. This allows you to make all kinds of changes to some of your images and photos. Feel free to explore different editing options to adjust colors, compositions, perspectives, visual effects and many other aspects.

And now, with the exceptional camera setup and powerful hardware of your Android devices, mobile users can participate in exciting photo editing experiences. Here you can collect ready-made photo editing programs like PhotoDirector or PicsArt and make them work on your Android devices. Consequently, you are free to make changes to selected or captured images on the go.

But when it comes to professional use, Android users have no better choice than Snapseed, as the great photo editing app comes from Google itself. This way you can easily use the hardware capacity of your devices.

Check out Snapseed’s interesting mobile app with our in-depth reviews.

What does it do?

As you’d expect, Snapseed’s exciting mobile app gives Android users the ability to edit their chosen photos easily and efficiently, for both professionals and hobbyists alike. Here, the exciting mobile app offers a lot of cool features that let you access and edit your images as you wish.

You are free to participate in various in-app experiences, extract your great photos with exciting materials and further improve its functions. Personalize selected photos with various visual effects, editing tools, added visuals, interesting images, text, stickers and more. These are all available on Snapseed for everyone’s enjoyment.

Best of all, for those of you interested, you can also use Snapseed’s fantastic built-in camera app to take powerful and captivating photos in the highest possible quality.


For those of you interested in the exciting Snapseed mobile app, you can easily get it from the Google Play Store, without any payment. You are free to enjoy most of the in-app features once you are fully engaged in the app.

Make sure you give it all the necessary permissions to deploy a full mobile app on your Android devices. This will ensure you have no problems while enjoying a great photo editing app.

Great features

Here are all the interesting features offered by the app:

Simple and accurate editing experiences

First, Snapseed Android users will find that they have a simple and accurate editing experience with many tools at their disposal. This is where you can start collecting the selective filter brushes you need to adjust specific areas of your photos where you want to apply filters or effects or make simple edits.

Selected brushes are also available in a variety of styles, each easily adjusted and fine-tuned for more precise control. Therefore, it will be much easier for you when you try to perform precise operations on your Android devices. As a result, you can find a lot of adjustments for edited photos on your Android devices, which is very useful.

And finally, when the Dark theme is available, you can enjoy a relaxing experience with the app as you can explore the app freely at night thanks to the soft lights. This way you don’t notice that you are going blind.

You can access all 29 different editing functions

With Snapseed, you enjoy an impressive mobile app with 29 powerful editing options that are more than enough to personalize your photos. You are free to choose your favorite settings and freely edit your videos as you wish.

  • RAW Development – On a phone capable of creating and exporting RAW images, you can simply upload your DNG files and try to edit the photos at the highest quality and resolution using Snapseed’s settings. Export photos while preserving the RAW file format or convert your files to JPG for more general use.
  • Adjust the Image: Feel free to play with the exposure and color levels of your images with automatic or manual settings, all available in Snapseed.
  • Details – The app allows you to fully upload images and all surface textures are visible in front. As a result, you will find yourself making simple and effective changes to your creative work.
  • Crop: You can choose from several standard sizes to crop the image files, which makes the job much easier. Or go to manual settings and choose the aspect ratio you want.
  • Rotate: Snapseed users can easily rotate their images with different angles to make the image more interesting. And with the help of the application you can now straighten the oblique horizon line created by the uneven position of the camera.
  • Perspective: If you want to play with perspective and create big distortions, explore this option to change the perspective of your images.
  • White Balance – On phones that don’t perform well in this area, you can easily adjust the white balance level with Snapseed, enhancing the viewing experience.
  • Brush: The brush that comes with Snapseed makes it easy to draw on photos with any color. Furthermore, you can also use it to make certain selections.
  • Selective – By the way, you can simply select the 8 predefined points in the image to make edits, making the added visual effects and editing materials more natural.
  • Healing – Snapseed also provides powerful healing that can be used to effectively remove most elements from your images. This is very effective when retouching photos.
  • Vignetting – This effect can be used effectively to add immersive experiences and dramatic elements to images, which are always needed, especially with in-focus landscape photo portraits.
  • Text: For those interested, Snapseed also offers standard and stylized text options to use. This way you can clarify your images or create your own unique poster.
  • Lens Blur: You can easily apply bokeh effects to your photos by selecting the focused areas of the photos and adding this cool effect as you wish.
  • Tone Contrast – And if you want to enhance the colors of your photos, you can always use Snapseed to enhance shadow, midtone, and highlight detail in your creative work.
  • Vintage – For uniquely styled mid-20th century color film images, take advantage of Snapseed’s fantastic Vintage option, which also has many unique settings.
  • Retrolux – Combined with the unique effects of light burrs, scratches and film styles, you can give your photos a retro vibe effectively.
  • These are just a few of the many cool features you can take advantage of in Snapseed, and you can always find more.

Enjoy a completely free application on our website

Furthermore, Snapseed is also free for all your Android systems as you can easily download it from the Google Play Store whenever you want, without any payment. The same is available on your website, but we select the right features for all users so that the app is accessible to all. You just need to download the Snapseed APK from our website and that’s it.

Final judgments

Android users can always take advantage of Snapseed’s versatile app to edit photos and enhance your viewing experience. And since the free version of the app is available for most users, it should be a widely used image editing app for Android users.