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If you are looking for this kind of experience, Stand Off 2 and some other shooters on our website will definitely make this game more fun.
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Endless Ammo
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With fun and addictive gameplay, Stand Off is one of the amazing FPS games you want to play on your mobile device. The game is completely free and we have great mods on our website so there is no reason not to have fun.




Fans of first-person shooters will rejoice when they join their friends who love shooting in an exciting shooting game and discover the amazing mobile game of Standoff. Play shooting challenges with friends and online players.

Grab your weapon and choose your side between terrorists and terrorists as you discover this amazing shooting game. Enjoy a wide variety of games, each with its own fun aspect.

Check out our Standoff review for more on this great mobile game.


Inspired by the popular Counter-Strike shooter, Standoff offers players an addictive shooting game with endless and exciting moments. Start a shooting game with friends and players from around the world.

Feel free to choose your favorite weapon from a variety of options, each with their own interesting features. Put yourself and your friends in action as you fight against dangerous enemies. Participate in many games while enjoying FPS games.


Here you can find all the cool features of the game:

Touch controls are simple and intuitive

First of all, Android players of Standoff can discover and enjoy a great tactile gaming experience with touch controls. Use virtual analog to move freely and quickly switch between available control buttons. Use the provided controls to shoot, aim, move and perform various actions. You can also enjoy Standoff from an external controller if you want. It is very beautiful.

Play addictive shooting games with your friends and online players

And as you have always wanted, the game allows Android players to immerse themselves in shooters at any time with friends or online players. Just choose your favorite game style, character and weapon and start with your friends and online players from around the world. Fight two different types of terrorists and terrorists. Help your team win the game by destroying enemies or completing certain objectives.

A colorful shooting game experience

Speaking of which, casual gamers will find themselves discovering the most fun and exciting shooter game in the world. Here, you will get an amazing shooting experience where planning and strategy play an important role. Make a smart plan and work with your team to solve the game’s problems successfully.

Choose from a variety of weapons

Also, to make the game more interesting, casual players can also enjoy the game with their favorite weapons. Choose from a variety of weapons that fit in different styles, choose the one that suits your strategy and use it to effectively destroy the enemy’s strategy.

Use machine guns, machine guns and powerful grenades instantly and powerfully. Or opt for a more flexible and different game and build a team of strong shooters. In any case, the ultimate goal is to win the game.

Play shooters in different environments

Also, with many different maps, each with its own setting and features, shooter players will be attracted to the shooter game. Feel free to explore and have fun with the different aspects of the game.

Enjoy the game with different game modes

Several game modes give Standoff players access to a variety of exciting in-game action. Enjoy exciting and varied games when you have time.

Deathmatch – Start the shooting game with amazing deathmatch challenges that will give you an endless shooting experience. Grab your gun and jump into the endless FPS gameplay. Play and play until your team scores huge points.

Capture the Flag – If you are looking for a more tactical gaming experience, then Capture the Flag is another great game to play on your mobile device. Use different methods and strategies to effectively capture the enemy flag and save your team’s flag bearers. Defeat the opponents and win.

Arms Race – Interested parties can challenge themselves in a crazy arms race, where both teams compete for the most powerful weapon. Use your amazing weapons to defeat your opponents.

Sniper Duels – Also, for sniper players, you will definitely find this amazing mode a lot of fun. Choose your favorite sniper rifle and take on opponents in skill-based shooting challenges.

Multiple customizations for players

For those interested, the game allows players to explore and experience all kinds of cool customizations in the game. Choose freely from different characters on both sides, each with their own unique appearance and characteristics. You can also change the size of your weapon when you dive into Standoff’s Infinite Shooter. That’s really cool.

Chat and interact with other players

And to enhance your tactical shooter, Standoff players can also access helpful and intuitive chat options. Compete freely against teammates or enemies using text or voice chat. Communicate effectively with other players and win.

Be active and get daily rewards

For those interested, the game also has a variety of cool prizes to collect every day. Come back to the game every day to receive your daily rewards. Be consistent and you will be rewarded with amazing rewards at the end of the month.

Free games

And with all these amazing features, this game amazes us as it is completely free to play. This means Standoff players can enjoy fun and exciting Google Play Store games without paying anything.

Make the game a little less difficult with our mods

Also, if you want to make the game a little less challenging, I recommend choosing the mod version instead of standoff. You get access to unlocked gameplay with an ad-free experience and, most importantly, a useful unlimited ammo mode. This will make you virtually invincible in the game.

Visual and sound quality


Those interested will find Standoff’s FPS experience highly realistic and immersive. With stunning visuals and beautiful environments, the game lets players fully immerse themselves in the epic shooting challenges of Standoff. And most importantly, with optimized gameplay, you can enjoy smooth and satisfying gameplay on your mobile device.


Immerse yourself in the exciting shooter of Standoff as you are fully immersed in an amazing in-game audio experience. Discover a powerful and memorable soundtrack while fully immersing yourself in the game.

Final thoughts

With fun and addictive gameplay, Stand Off is one of the amazing FPS games you want to play on your mobile device. The game is completely free and we have great mods on our website so there is no reason not to have fun.

If you are looking for this kind of experience, Stand Off 2 and some other shooters on our website will definitely make this game more fun.