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Super Stylist is a dress up simulation game that knows how to design clothes. It has been hacked and modified to unlock all colors.
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Super Stylist is a dress up simulation game that knows how to design clothes. It has been hacked and modified to unlock all colors. It is a puzzle game focused on fashionable clothes. Use all your fashion design skills to amaze the world and get creative with super fun clothing projects.




Super Stylist is one of the best fashion games on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store as it takes gaming style to a new level. Although the graphics are not impressive, the gameplay can keep us engaged in the game. In Super Stylist, you play a young woman who wants to start her career as a fashion designer.

By designing outfits for clients, competing with other players and acquiring the best products, you build your way to the top step by step. Tab Tale publisher Crazy Labs is also ready to launch a promotional campaign for Super Stylist as the game’s graphics also look really good. So it’s no surprise that the game has a fair number of players compared to a recently released game.

The higher you rise in the game, the more beautiful and valuable fashion items and accessories you have to match with your customers. Each day, the game also features an OOTD event or mini-game depending on the designer’s collection, and comes with many gifts. However, this mini-game consumes some energy. But don’t worry. Regain your energy every three minutes. You can also earn energy by voting on other players’ costumes.

General information

Super Stylist MOD APK is an exciting fashion game by APKDONE where you play the role of a stylish stylist, create fashion styles for famous stars and make everyone in show business want to work for it. A new fashion designer has just appeared in town, making every celebrity want to hire their own stylist. That person is you. In the fashion world, success or fame starts with word of mouth.

So make sure that trendy clothes and make-up are crucial factors in building a large customer base. In Super Stylist, you take your clients to luxury fashion events and take photos from their Style gram website for everyone to admire your style of dress and makeup.

You realize that you can turn your crazy shopping, dressing and makeup skills into a profitable business. Super Stylist is the ultimate style game. Now everyone will find you because you are the girl who knows how to create the right fashion style for them. In the game, players create the perfect look for your clients, attend VIP events and take photos of your outfit to show the world how talented you are.

First, start a fashion construction business and build an impressive client list in this excellent fashion game. So choose the stars and ask them to dress up proudly for certain events, such as romantic dates or glamorous red carpet events. Don’t forget to use fashion bank to buy clothes and earn profit by selling clothes to your customers.

You need to listen closely to what your customers are looking for so that they are a good fit for a wide variety of collections. The luckier the star, the more you expand your fashion collection. A girl’s look is not complete without the right accessories, shoes and bags.

If you want customers to introduce their friends to you, make sure they look good from head to toe. Choose a memorable hairstyle for girls. So make your star the envy of every girl. Once you’ve applied your make-up, you can join your clients’ celebs and take photos from their Style gram site. Finally, make sure the star tags you in the photo.

General reviews

Super Stylist is a very attractive fashion design game for girls who are passionate about this industry. In Super Stylist, you play the role of a stylish stylist whose main task is to create outfits that enhance the style of the most famous stars. The game is perfect for girls who are passionate about fashion models with their own style and personality. You can fulfill your dream of becoming a famous fashion designer with many stars.

In this fashion design game, you own your own fashion business and create impressive outfits for the stars to make them stand out more when they attend events. Super Stylist requires you to be very careful and professional in your behavior by using the fashion bank to buy clothes, redesign them and dress clients to earn money.

A good stylist should also listen to what customers want in order to choose the right style and make them happy. It allows him to expand his fashion business. In addition, you should also learn how to match the stars with the right accessories and makeup. In the game, the player acts as an amateur makeup artist and uses unlimited ideas to dress up the models even with the slightest professional skill.

Don’t lag behind the best designers in the world. Use various in-game items here to help you become a superstar and win applause from the crowd. Get your own infinite landscapes and splendor with fantastic cartoon style and interesting casual games. Depending on your partner’s appearance, choose the props and decorations that best suit his character.

Draw various small accessories to decorate your model and make it more beautiful and touching. Imagine based on the look of the characters and the scene. You have many supplies and items at your disposal. Choose the most suitable fashion and accessories to beautify your model. It is necessary to design drawings for other characters that combine the scene and atmosphere of the era and perfectly combine the characters and the scene.

Recommended option: DIY Fashion Star

In the game you are a very skilled girl and you can customize fantastic fashionable clothes. Show your talent and earn a huge fan base. DIY Fashion Star has a new queen of DIY fashion design in town. It’s you. You are going to fill your wardrobe with the best outfits from a DIY fashion project.

Use your imagination and turn ordinary clothes into the most elegant clothes that everyone wants. You have an old and dated shirt. Shape, decorate and make it your new trendy top. Snap a photo with your new stylish outfits and creations and compete against friends in a selfie contest. Complete the amazing DIY fashion patterns and turn boring old clothes into unique new clothes.

Last words

Super Stylist is a dress up simulation game that knows how to design clothes. It has been hacked and modified to unlock all colors. It is a puzzle game focused on fashionable clothes. Use all your fashion design skills to amaze the world and get creative with super fun clothing projects.

Use your imagination to transform ordinary clothes into the perfect outfit. So take selfies with your new trendy clothes and enter selfie contests. Manage your own fashion designer channel and post dress making videos. Accept the wishes of your fans, people who like to play and let your creativity run wild.