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Sweet Home Stories gameplay gives Android gamers the chance to immerse themselves in a free-to-play, immersive virtual dollhouse.
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An exciting house-building and role-playing game that gives players access to amazing virtual dollhouses. When you are ready, feel free to join us for exciting creative play at one of our many exciting play events.




It has never been easier to entertain your favorite gamer kids and enjoy educational mobile games at the same time. This is why many parents struggle to keep their kids entertained even with smart devices like smartphones and iPads.

And if you are one of them, you will surely find this awesome Sweet Home Stories game to be a great tool to pamper your kids and let them do whatever they want. Entertain them with exciting games of interactive creation, knowing that it will be both educational and fun at the same time.

Get ready to be immersed in the exciting game of Sweet Home Stories as you discover perfectly designed dollhouses on your Android device. Introduce children to all the household furniture and let them play freely with lots of interesting elements. It is so much fun and enjoyable.

Read our in-depth review to learn more about this exciting Sweet Home Stories game.


This exciting Sweet Home Stories gameplay gives Android gamers the chance to immerse themselves in a free-to-play, immersive virtual dollhouse. Experiment with different decorations in different rooms to make your home more interesting. Interact freely with your characters and customize them for different actions. Immerse yourself in various game scenarios and enjoy an intuitive role-playing experience.

The game is designed for kids, so parents can make sure their kids get a fun and educational gaming experience on a mobile device. Sweet Home Stories gives gamers a completely free experience, giving them the freedom to think about how they interact with this family of six and their friends. Feel free to explore a lot of interesting game features and play a lot of interesting games. These will allow you to fully enjoy the story of your sweet home.


Here are all the cool features the game offers:

Complete home installation

For starters, Sweet Home Stories Android gamers get to create their own amazing home environment, including accommodations complete with different areas to explore. Enjoy the freedom of exciting rooms throughout the house, each with its own setting and luxurious experience.

You can play in 7 rooms and you can have fun in the living room with your family. Enjoy a wonderful kitchen cooking game. Play with the kids in the kids room. Make proper sleeping arrangements for the whole family in the parent’s room. Do lots of fun activities in your garden or backyard. The list goes on and on.

You will find that every room has access to every conceivable household item. This makes the whole game very fun and enjoyable.

Happy family playing together

And there are plenty of interesting characters that are free to play so you can continue to enjoy the game with your happy family. Play and have fun with two cute kids, friendly parents, clueless kids and a cute cat. Feel free to play around with these characters after you learn how to copy chores. Find your good family and enjoy lots of fun activities around the house with them.

Interesting topic open for discussion

And to make setting up scenarios in the game much easier and enjoying the exciting gameplay of Sweet Home Stories, the game also offers hundreds of interactive objects that you can find around the house. Interact with them freely and explore several ways to enjoy exciting home simulation gameplay.

Lots of indoor activities to try

Enjoy exciting gaming experiences from the comfort of dozens of everyday tasks or all the characters in your family. It doesn’t matter if you put the kids to bed, cook like mom and dad, learn or play with the kids and cats. The endless possibilities of play will make Sweet Home Stories very fun and exciting.

Enjoy stress free and completely free gameplay

And for those of you already tired of demanding intense games, you will surely find that Sweet House Stories is quite different from other games. Fully immerse yourself in the stress-free gameplay of a completely standalone home simulation and enjoy the virtual game as you progress. Join your friendly family members as they go about their daily activities and enjoy fun in-game interactions. There are no rules or regulations to stop you from fully enjoying the exciting gameplay of Sweet Home Stories.

Schedule independently

To make the game even more exciting, Sweet Home Stories Android gamers will finally get the chance to dive deeper into the wonderful world of mobile simulation. You can freely adjust the time settings for each routine to further enhance your gaming experience, making Sweet Home Stories more engaging and realistic for most Android gamers and also allowing kids to make the most of the intuitive lessons.

The gameplay is suitable for players of all ages

Those interested can rest assured that the game is suitable for players of all ages. With friendly graphics and appropriate language, you will find that it is educational and suitable for younger players. This makes for a completely immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Now parents can enjoy completely independent and educational home simulation gameplay in Sweet Home Stories as their children grow. Teach your kids new routines and words and find ways to give them a healthy laugh to unlock the many exciting situations in play. And best of all, it features kid-friendly gameplay so kids can have fun learning new things.

Free gameplay

Despite all the exciting features of the game, Sweet Home Stories Android gamers can still enjoy the free-to-play game on the Google Play Store. Download from Google Play Store and play the game whenever you are ready.

Enjoy unlocked game play on our website

For those interested, the website presents unlocked gameplay of Sweet Home Stories with ads removed and in-game purchases included. Here you can get unlimited access to the game without being restricted. All you need to do is download and install Sweet Home Stories Mod APK from our website. Be prepared to follow the instructions given.

Visual and sound quality


Also, to make the game more interesting, the Sweet Home Stories family simulator also provides stunning in-game visuals to make gameplay more fun. Here you will find a beautiful home environment with interesting views and interactive atmosphere. At the same time, the dynamic and friendly character settings added to the game should make creation more interesting.

Voice and music

In addition to exciting graphics, Sweet Home Stories Android gamers can immerse themselves in addictive RPG gameplay through immersive and soothing sound effects.

Final Thoughts

An exciting house-building and role-playing game that gives players access to amazing virtual dollhouses. When you are ready, feel free to join us for exciting creative play at one of our many exciting play events.

At the same time, interested people can enjoy daily shopping stories that put the featured game in a whole new setting. Either way, you’ll find both of these games from Platodlers to be a lot of fun and a lot of fun.