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This amazing Westland Survival game isn’t as brutal as Jurassic Survival, but it still has a lot of great features that will surprise you.
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- Free Craft - Fast Craft on Workbench - More items to Split - Durability Item - Free Building - Open All Events - Instant walk on global map - Unlimited Food
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This amazing Westland Survival game isn’t as brutal as Jurassic Survival, but it still has a lot of great features that will surprise you. Enjoy deep gameplay, beautiful scenery, and amazing story missions as you progress. Most importantly, enjoy free and fully unlocked gameplay on our site.




Looking for a fun action-adventure movie for your mobile device? Enjoy this epic survival game. But are you tired of an old zombie apocalypse setting? Then you will love the amazing Westland Survival mobile game that allows you to explore and experience the amazing wild west.

Explore the great scenery and immerse yourself in survival challenges as you frolic through the wild and adventurous lands of Westland. Enjoy a beautiful yet hostile world filled with danger and enemies. Do your best to survive in the challenging and demanding world of Westland Survival.

Read our review to learn more about this amazing mobile game from Helio Games.


During the American Gold Rush, hundreds of thousands flocked to the lands where gold had been discovered in the Klondike and Yukon, as well as the plains and deserts of Texas and New Mexico, seeking opportunity, hoping for a chance to make it all change. It was… their lives.

In this game, Android players will find themselves in the role of a lone survivor after a convoy of trucks is attacked by bandits. No one but you escapes the wrath and bloodlust of your enemies. And now you are nowhere alone with little to defend yourself. Surrender and the desire to die seem to be the only inevitable options.

But as a capable survivor, you refuse to accept your so-called fate and choose to face your enemies.

Explore the land and immerse yourself in many interesting quests. Build your own fortress to protect yourself from ruthless thieves. Expand your territory and try to get as much as possible. Unlock interesting buildings that will help you develop your base and strengthen your defenses. Make all kinds of cool items and tools with amazing crafting options.

Increase your chances of survival by upgrading your combat prowess with powerful weapons, well-defended castles, and replenishing your warehouses. Prepare for gang attacks as you defeat and destroy gangsters. Make friends, trade and interact with Native Americans for special prizes and more. You survived the wild west so never give up.


Here you can find all the great features the game has to offer:

Enjoy this addictive and fun survival game

For starters, Android players will have access to a fun and exciting survival game that is reminiscent of the standard Grim Soul experience with deep RPG elements and top-down action. This makes it easier to immerse yourself in the story and enjoy the game. Overcome obstacles, outrun your enemies, and increase your chances of survival in the strange and unwanted lands of the Wild West.

Build your own shelter and gardens to survive in the Wild West

Dive into unique survival challenges and Westland Survival players will find themselves with access to a thrilling survival simulation. Start by building a shelter to protect yourself when hungry liars and evil criminals try to get to you. Build your shelter using the plans provided and customize it to your liking.

And once you’ve collected enough resources, you can build a farm in the Wild West and dive into a fun game simulation. So you can grow crops and unlock special items when you arrive at the farm.

Fights gangsters and bandits

Messy Land Life Despite the harsh desert lands and bad conditions and vicious predators, you are still not alone. That is, find yourself fighting villains and gangsters in the Wild West. Encounter enemies and saboteurs on all fronts trying to loot camps, loot, and potentially end your journey. So when you are defending your camp, always be well prepared and use your guns and weapons for a good hunt.

Explore the environment and find valuable resources

Wasteland Survival’s extensive landscapes also offer a variety of valuable resources that can be easily collected and used when faced with survival challenges This means you can easily log, mine and hunt deer while diving into the exciting wilderness survival game. Play a variety of games while collecting vital resources to ensure your survival.

Enjoy the game with a great crafting system

In addition, a crafting system will be available, which will be very simple and interesting, as you can create all sorts of tools and useful items for your team Freely equip tools that will help you gather resources, defend yourself from enemies, and fight back with all kinds of weapons. As your crafting skills improve, you can adjust to the trap and upgrade buildings.

Meet wildlife and make friends

And while you stay in the wild west and are constantly surrounded by hordes of enemies, you won’t find yourself alone in Wasteland Survival because the exciting game allows players to interact with some of the animals. In other words, you can eat wild animals and have them as pets or companions. You can also upgrade your horse and get a cool mount.

Realistic gameplay elements to make your journey more relevant

To make the game as realistic as possible, Wasteland Survival players can also access fun and exciting survival gameplay. Over time here, your character will go hungry and need to fill your stomach with food to avoid starving to death. Weapons and equipment will break and wear out with prolonged use and require repair. It also takes time to fully construct a building, so it doesn’t look like you magically built it from scratch.

Hundreds of exciting quizzes to complete

And with addictive survival gameplay, Wasteland Survival players can enjoy a great gaming experience with hundreds of exciting quests. Complete the story to immerse yourself in different challenges and have fun with the many challenges throughout the game. Complete the challenges given and receive a guaranteed prize and possible special prizes.

A hidden gem that takes some polishing to find

Those interested will also find that the vast landscapes of the Wild West are full of unsolved mysteries. There are many treasures that were prime locations for gold flows. However, since they are often hidden on the surface, excavating and discovering these areas will require a lot of luck and determination.

Compete with friends and other gamers

Moreover, to make the game more exciting, Android players can also play exciting survival games with friends and other players. This means you can help your fellow creatures with their skills and abilities, or battle other shepherds to rob them of their resources. Life in the Wild West may not be as peaceful as you think.

Free play

With all these great features, the game is now available for all Android gamers to play on their mobile devices. However, you can always download and install the game for free from the Google Play Store.

Our approach reduces the Difficulty of the Game

For those who are interested, it may not be much of a problem in your recovery journey. For this you might need a mod version of the game that is completely free and open to all players. All you need is to download and install the Westland Survival Mod APK from our website. Follow the instructions. No problem. Enjoy unlimited coins, fast builds, godlike damage and more.

Picture and sound quality


Westland Survival players will enjoy a great gaming experience with powerful and attractive visuals. Spectacular views, dive sites, and thoughtful map layouts make your journey west more enjoyable and enjoyable. And this game with very great graphics mods allows you to enjoy a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience on most Android devices at all times.


Sounds great to fully immerse yourself in the amazing gameplay of Westland Survival. Powerful and impressive sound effects help you fully immerse yourself in the game. Explore and experience the Wild West at its most authentic sound.

Download Westland Survival Mod latest version 4.4.2 Android APK

This amazing Westland Survival game isn’t as brutal as Jurassic Survival, but it still has a lot of great features that will surprise you. Enjoy deep gameplay, beautiful scenery, and amazing story missions as you progress. Most importantly, enjoy free and fully unlocked gameplay on our site.