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So interesting learning modes will be a great motivator for foreign language learners, and this is what Memorize Mode APK is all about.
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Memrise is useful and one of the best free apps for learning foreign languages. Especially if you are just starting to learn keywords and can improve your vocabulary to incorporate more words. Learning words isn't too hard or difficult, Memrise can help.




Memrise is a language learning app. including English By adopting many alternative training methods and being well received by the community, Memrise has gradually become an indispensable companion for anyone who wants to improve their English skills. Memrise is free and suitable for all ages to effectively improve their English skills. They combine means of communication and relaxation. This is fun and knowledge without scientific and rational limitations. Memrise helps students remember words longer.

In addition, the content is based on user-generated courses, so Memrise is friendly for everyone and easy to use. With the help of Memrise, students have access to a great language learning app. It has a huge vocabulary archive and hundreds of courses with smart learning methods. You’ll also find elements of redundancy in Memrise: for words you remember, Memrise asks for less, and for words you don’t remember, Memrise asks for more.

General information

Do you know what is an effective way to learn English? What an annoying question! But most of us probably know that using mobile applications is one of the fastest and most effective ways to learn English words. Among the reputable names trusted by many students, Memrise is slowly asserting its position. As a well-known mobile English learning software, Memrise has attracted more than 30 million people worldwide. Isn’t that enough to tell Memrise’s appeal and effectiveness? So what is the highlight of this app?

The exciting thing that Memrise has built is a combination of play and learning. This makes learning a language more than just boring reading and memorizing additional words. Users will participate in this new fun mini game. The practical lessons are easy to understand, flexible and inspiring to learn from users.

Memrise also offers many methods for students. when using a computer, Memrise can be accessed through a browser at or by downloading the app to your smartphone from the Android or iOS stores. Memrise attracts millions of self-taught users in more than 200 languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, etc. Developed by Ed Cooke, Memrise is a world-renowned memory trainer. So this app inherits the relevant methods. Key features of Memrise include

  • The science learning system encourages your brain to learn up to 44 words per hour.
  • Many games help train different aspects of memory: visual learning, review, consolidation, rapid recall and much more.
  • Choose from thousands of the best English courses for all your learning needs: TOEFL, IELTS, Business English, English for Beginners, etc.
  • All lessons are completely free.
  • The adaptive system tracks your learning and helps you revise at the right time.
  • Examples of sentences, sounds and syllables

With Memrise, you get one of the best language learning apps instantly, but for free. The app offers an unlimited number of users new and exciting ways to learn in one framework. Memrise’s convenience and flexibility is also a plus, allowing users to practice anytime, anywhere.

Other features

We tried the premium version of Memrise.  It sounds like talking to a native speaker, but it’s not. Here, Memrise means you’ll only hear the pre-recorded native speaker’s voice. Keep that in mind when paying Memrise fees. We used Duolingo and Babbel to learn before using Memrise. We have gone through all the Babbel and Duolingo lessons. However, when we switched to Memrise, we felt that the stores and vocabularies in Memrise were becoming more difficult. We were very popular. to be accepted. It can be used in real life For speech pronunciation problems, Duolingo and Babbel produce the pronunciation, Memrise is a real human voice. So it’s easier to hear. If you’re a competitor, Memrise is here. Here you can see your level, score and position compared to other friends on the same course. You can find more by following them.

Full point

As an educational app, Memrise offers a simple yet practical way to learn. The big difference between this app and other language learning apps is that it offers life lessons. This means that there are over 100 languages in the world. You can also learn about culture, society, history etc. The number of foreign languages in this app is huge. In addition to the dominant languages English, German and French. There are also languages in small countries like Napa, Somali or very old languages like Latin, Khmer, etc. You can freely learn science or art or sometimes just flora and fauna of a country that you have scientific knowledge. New languages are important in Memrise, there will be several scripts for each language and not an overview of each word.

So you have to choose the subjects you will study directly. Beginners will get basic reading. And skilled people can gain advanced knowledge such as IELTS in English. Lessons are divided so that students do not miss basic knowledge, for example, vocabulary that you know you can learn 5-10 things at a time and keep learning. Unless you remember the original By doing this, you will improve your listening, reading and writing skills. Unfortunately, Memries does not support chat. But in contrast, the nature of consciousness is much greater. It is enough to understand what we learn without a teacher. The teacher is with us.

To improve your reading, Reminders will set reminders for you to focus on. You can also set up a learning routine that works for you so that the system reminds you until you reach your goal for the new day. The app also works on a point scoring system. Every time you complete a tournament, you will earn a certain number of points. And there will always be weekly and monthly candidates for the strongest in this discourse.


  • The scientific base is broad and extensive. You can find almost anything in Memories.
  • Sharing knowledge and practice is very important. You have to remember what you learn in order to complete the study.

A witness:

  • Lack of oral practice in language learning
  • Speaking the wrong words will take a long time to find the right interpretation for you.

Other recommended options

It’s called Duolingo

Many applications help you learn foreign languages. But good apps don’t always meet these criteria, and Duolingo is one of the few that do. Duolingo offers free language courses without ads. Almost perfect This is why Duolingo is so popular, and a small survey in the US found that more students use Duolingo to improve their language skills than there are students enrolled in a language center.

Not only English, but Duolingo teaches the world’s most popular languages such as French, German or Spanish. With Duolingo, your language learning is more flexible anytime, anywhere. Duolingo also allows users to choose their level of English language proficiency. And the app will ask if they have read English yet. Or just start If you speak English the app will give you a simple question. Assess and practice relevant skills for the first job.

The name of the city is Babylon

Another interesting option is Barbell, a language learning app for communication standards available in 14 languages. There are short training sessions that last 10-15 minutes. Babel uses voice recognition technology to help students improve their pronunciation. The revision section helps them work harder and remember the material.

Whatever the reason for the learning, Babel focuses on helping people train themselves to speak a female language in the shortest amount of time, which 150 linguists have done out of conviction, not using algorithms. During the week, you should master enough grammar to understand the context of the story.

The last word

Learning a foreign language is fun. But for many people, it is more boring than natural subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry, and there are many explanations.

So interesting learning modes will be a great motivator for foreign language learners, and this is what Memorize Mode APK is all about.

Memrise is useful and one of the best free apps for learning foreign languages. Especially if you are just starting to learn keywords and can improve your vocabulary to incorporate more words. Learning words isn’t too hard or difficult, Memrise can help.